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Posted by nate On Thu 18 May, 2017
The minutia of air spring setup and how it directly effects trail personality.

A recent afternoon ride turned into an interesting way to play with suspension setup. I’ve been riding a similar loop recently and figured it would be a good time to quantify how shifting suspension sag affects the overall personality of a bike on trail....
Posted by nate On Thu 06 Apr, 2017
WTB Padloc Grip Long Term Riding Review –

I’ve had the 30mm WTB Commander Padloc grips for about a year and a half and honestly can’t find a fault with them. Here are some of the details on my experiences...
Posted by nate On Fri 03 Mar, 2017
Here are some basic steps to isolating common creaks and pops on your mountain bike. Problem solving down to the most likely culprit can be while you ride and in some cases you can take care of the issue on trail. Even if you can’t completely isolate your issue being able to articulate what you’ve eliminated when you get to the shop is extremely helpful...
Posted by nate On Tue 21 Feb, 2017
The team at Magura have set their sights on increasing their footprint in the US marketplace for 2017. Importing additional product this season has allowed them to sharpen their pencils and pass the savings along to riders.

MT 8, MT Trail Carbon, MT 7, and MT 6 brakes are hands down class leaders in their individual categories... 

Posted by nate On Tue 07 Feb, 2017
The latest revision of the Santa Cruz Tallboy is a class leader in trail capable 29” and 27.5” Plus setups. Updated VPP linkage, improved geometry and a touch more travel from the previous iterations mean this bike is more fun for a wider range of riders.

The Tallboy has great press from a variety of credible sources...
Posted by nate On Fri 23 Dec, 2016
This is a great time of year to have your suspension Pro Tuned by BikeCo.  We work with individual riders to maximize the performance band for their size, riding style, aspirations, disposition and terrain.