- Building Fast Since 1999 the best mountain bike shop in the world


Since 1999 the team at, as well as our Brick and Mortar shop The Bike Company in Lake Forest CA,  have worked with the fastest athletes and industry leading product development teams to provide our clients access to unmatched expertise on spec, build, setup and tune. 

BikeCo stands a cut above our competition on Four Cornerstones.

Pro Bike Builds:
  We build all of our bikes like pro level race equipment.  This attention to detail produces quiet, crisp, longer lasting, better performing bicycles on trail.  Loose, creaking pivots or interfaces are incredibly detrimental to your bike - don't shorten it's service life riding a poor initial build.  If you're a competent home builder we offer frame prep services with purchase to insure maximum performance.

Custom Suspension:  No other shop offers individualized suspension services like  No other suspension shop provides a retail experience to help you tailor both your component purchase and tune.  By maximizing individual suspension performance to your specific size, skills, aspirations, trail networks and suspension type we produce a better handling mountain bike.  With proper performing suspension riders experience improved trail performance and accelerated learning curves. 

Handbuilt Wheels:  One of the most important aspects to a bike's on trail performance is quality wheels.  With expert sales staff to guide you through hub, rim, spoke and lacing options we will nail down a great spec for your riding style.  Then our wheel builders take over.  Your wheels are brought up to tension properly, techniques vary depending on spokes / patterns / rim material & shape attributes,  to insure ultimate performance and longevity. 

Cutting Edge Peripherals:  The Bike Company has been the concept of concept shop since it launched.  We offer the very best performing product, from the best manufacturers, across a variety of budgets.  Whether you're spec'ing a new bike, updating your existing or looking at softgoods like helmets, shoes or technical riding wear we have you covered.  If its here, it works and we'd ride it - but utilize our expert staff to help you determine which of our offerings is exactly right for you.

The Bike Company is an independent company with an owner and staff committed to your personal riding experience.  We are neither an internet giant collecting your email address and personal information or a commodity dealer offering you "deals" on fringe closeouts from manufacturers.

Simply put is here to provide mountain bike riders access to the very best performance and a truly personalized shopping experience.  With so many products on the market this isn't a blind "click and buy" industry - we encourage you to reach out via email or on the phone 888-697-6717 with questions and for our Market Pricing competitive programs.  

Let us show you why riders all over the world Demand More with The Bike Company!