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Onza Lynx 27.5x2.25" FRC120 RC2 55a
The Onza Lynx 27.5x2.25" FRC120 is a fast rolling and light. Very popular as a rear tire.
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Details of Onza Lynx 27.5x2.25" FRC120 RC2 55a
The lynx is an animal renowned for moving smoothly, quickly and efficiently over terrain, but it can also extend its claws whenever grip levels are insufficient. ONZA tires‘ LYNX does exactly that. The fast rolling tread design allows you to fully exploit the improved traction bigger wheels offer you. Accentuated cross blocks transfer both acceleration and braking forces to the ground with minimal loss while the shoulder knobs excel in increasing directional control.

FRC120: Freeride Casing with 120TPI for less weight and faster rolling
Field of Application: Light Weight Race Freeride Tires

RC2 55a: Dual Racing Compound -
Combination of two different compounds. 65a for low rolling resistance and long-life on the inside and 55a on the outside for perfect cornering grip in all conditions.
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