Rider Testimonials
Check out what some of our clients have to say about BikeCo bikes and services! (rebuilding this page as it was being built on a computer that died - so if you've sent me a nice email I'm working to recover them and get them up!)

March 21, 2016

Pro Tune Fox 36 and Float X2:

Custom Intense Carbine 29

Just got the ProTunes and holy cow! Bike tracks so much better than stock. Able to lay off the brakes due to less chatter. Climbing efficiency increased too. Thanks for taking the time to really help me dial in this fine tuned machine!

- Evan

November 2
, 2015
Custom Spec Intense Carbine 29:

Custom Intense Carbine 29

Subject: Expectations

I had a great experience working with you several years ago on my first custom build. Needless to say expectations were high when I decided it was time for a new bike.

This time the journey began with a demo ride...a great way to try a couple of bikes and pepper you guys with questions. We then engaged in a thorough and informative consultation. Nate took the time to understand my objectives, and presented me with a range of options to consider for every aspect of the bike. Once it was time to pull the trigger, the process to order parts and build the bike moved quickly and flawlessly. Joe's attention to detail as he fine-tuned the set-up pre and post ride was the icing on the cake.

You guys far exceeded expectations once again. Thank you Joe, Nate, Kara, Zak, Ben and everyone else at Bike Co. involved in pulling this together. A special thank you to Leif as well for joining for the inaugural ride. Let's do it again in a couple of years! (Don't tell my wife I said that.)

Hope to join you all for another ride sometime soon.

Ride hard and safe travels...

- Marc


September 21, 2015
Custom Spec Santa Cruz 5010:

Custom Santa Cruz 5010

Absolutely love these emails from our clients - check out the views from this insane riding destination!

Subject: Thanks for the Bike
Ladies and gents,

I got back from my seven day mountain bike tour in Iceland a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to thank you for building such a great bike for me to take along.  She was bullet proof and handled that rain, mud, grit, wind, river crossings, hike-a-bikes, and descents beautifully.

Here are a few pics from the trip.

August 18, 2015
Custom Spec Santa Cruz Nomad:
Custom Santa Cruz Nomad

Date: August 18, 2015 at 8:09:04 AM PDT
To: Kara , Nate

Subject: The Nomad!

"Love this bike! Thanks for everything.



July 31, 2015
Custom Spec Juliana Roubion:
Custom Juliana Roubion

"My first ride on the Roubion was an eye-opener! Everything about it is so much more fun. Felt like I could ride down pretty much anything and the cornering was awesome!! The whole rear end of the bike feels completely different even when riding down fire road... so smooth. Wish my legs hadn't been so sore so I could have ridden longer. Looking forward to a good long ride on it Sunday! Thanks, Melissa


"Did a proper ride on the Roubion Sunday. Love it! Was getting a bit cocky though... Had to reel myself in a bit. Love the way it descends. Thanks again, Melissa"

Enjoy a few more pics of this custom Juliana Roubion Build


July 27, 2015
BikeCo Fox Fork Pro Tune:
BikeCo Pro Tune Review

"Yo Nate, My name is Mike D. - last year you guys pro tuned the Float 36 that I have on my Nomad. Getting that done was a game changer! It definitely opened my eyes as to what was possible, and what to expect from my suspension. You and Zak were awesome to work with and you helped me out a ton. Thanks again! Cheers, Mike"


March 9, 2015
Custom Spec Pivot Mach 6:
Custom Pivot Mach 6 Build

"Hi Nate,

I appreciate all your help with my build!

Just got back from my first ride on my super capable dreambike! So far, it’s way exceeding expectations and all the setup, suspension, brakes etc. worked great at Santiago Oaks.

And thanks, when I have questions I’ll definitely ask!

Have a great weekend, Cher"

More Pics of this Pivot Mach 6 Here


November 21, 2014
Custom Spec Santa Cruz 5010:
Custom Intense Carbine 29

"Kara, Nate, Joe and Zach,

This bike is a beast!

Exceeded all of my expectations. I have been in the saddle every day this week, testing it’s limits and mine, blowing past all my 26er buddies.

Your folks dialed this in perfect. The cockpit, saddle and suspension all outstanding. Little harder on some very steep climbs which was as expected, but that will help be get stronger.

I am getting use to the wider handle bars, that’s been fun on some tight stuff. I am headed back to Noble Canyon this weekend for some more enduro & downhill.

Can’t thank you guys enough for steering me in this direction with this bike, it’s a perfect fit for me. Best bike I have ever been on. Best buying experience ever. You guys are awesome!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Mike a.k.a ... VBandito Carbino"


September 19, 2014
Custom Spec Santa Cruz 5010:
Custom Santa Cruz 5010

"Subject: One year, 1,700 miles, and counting...

Dear Nate,

One year ago today I made the long drive from Agoura Hills to Lake Forest to pick up my new Santa Cruz Solo-C. That afternoon I pushed off in the 90 degree heat for my for my first ride on the new bike, and life hasn't been the same since.

After a year of regular riding, the bike continues to perform flawlessly. I think about riding it all the time...it's become an insatiable addiction.

Please send my regards to the rest of the crew, and pass along a huge "Thank You" to Joe. His relentless attention to detail during the build process has paid tremendous dividends.

Hope the Kamikaze was a success today. Look forward to seeing the results and hope to see you guys soon.

Thanks, Marc"