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Ibis Launches Updated Ripmo and Ripley Bikes!

We’re getting all the data together with details on the new Ripmo 3 and Ripley V5 bikes.
Keep your eye out for more updates (the Ripmo 3 products are loading now and we’ll be updating the Ripley 5 next!)

In the interim you can check out and compare the geo changes for both the Ripmo 3 and Ripley 5 here

As well as look into kit comparisons here

Contact us with questions and for specific size / color / kit ETAs. 949-470-1099

Quick Availability!

We have a limited amount of bikes still available but we have one of the most sought after models currently in-stock (call to confirm, this bike will go quick)

Ripmo 3, in Huckleberry Purple, size Extra Medium, XT Complete with i9 Carbon Wheels.

Ibis Ripmo 3: Swamp Monster & Huckleberry

Ibis Ripley 5: Green Flash & Blue Hour

Both the Ripmo 3 and Ripley 5 are offered in 5 sizes: Small, Medium, Extra Medium, Large and Extra Large. Using a flip chip on the rear triangle mount riders can run 29″ or Mixed Wheels with a 29″ front and 27.5″ rear (also known as mullet setups). Small and Medium sizes in both models ship with the Mixed Wheel or MX 29 / 27.5″ setup. Extra Medium, Large and Extra Large are shipped with 29″ wheels from the factory.

Like the previous Ripmo bikes the Ripmo 3 is spec’d from the factory with a 160mm fork. This is designed to pair with the 150mm rear travel, a slight increase from the earlier Ripmo. Some riders may prefer a 170mm fork option, available from BikeCo.com. We suggest chatting with our team about the riding style and terrain that will benefit from longer fork travel, slightly slacker headtube angle and slightly higher bottom braket.

The new Ripley 5 features 130mm of rear travel and is factory spec’d with a 140mm fork. This gives the Ripley a bit more aggressive footprint ready for trail adventures with a touch less overlap to the cross country Exie chassis.

Keep your eyes out for more info, product and product updates under construction now!

Ibis Demo Days: July 27th through July 30th!

Check the availability and schedule your test ride on the Ibis HD6, Exie or eMTB Oso here.

This is a great chance to check out how a mixed wheel bike like the HD6 performs if you’re considering a mixed wheel option on the new Ibis Ripmo or Ibis Ripley as well. Our team can help you define the differences between enduro HD6 and what you’d expect on a smaller chassis like the new Ripmo or Ripley. Then go over common part swaps and upgrades we see to maximize the performance while getting those most out of your budget.

Mondraker eMTB Build Details

Check out some quick videos highlighting the build spec on class leading eMTB bikes like the
Mondraker Crafty Carbon RR and the light eMTB Mondraker Neat RR.

This bike is not only a class leading enduro chassis – but, with that mean Mondraker frame layup it looks fast even when it’s sitting still.

Whether you’re looking for a 160mm or 170mm front end the Mondraker Foxy Carbon is on the short list for aggressive riding.

Follow the link to read more, check out the build kits as well as popular upgrades and swaps.

Shop In-Stock and Available Mondraker Foxy Builds at BikeCo.com

New Comparison Pages: Build Spec & Geo!

Wondering how each of these class leader’s spec’s their individual kits?

Compare Build Spec from Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti

Easily cross compare bike spec from Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti MTB and eMTB builds.
Check out our Build Kit Comparison page here to see how each manufacturer specs their models.

Compare MTB and eMTB Geo with Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti at BikeCo.com

How about looking at class leading geo for each model and size from Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti MTB as well as eMTB?

Compare Geo from Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti

Easily cross compare important geo details from Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti MTB and eMTB sizes.
Check out our Geo Comparison page model and size specific bike geo.

FOX 50th Anniversary Podium Gold Forks: Available Now

FOX 50th Anniversary Forks available in limited quantities at BikeCo.com

FOX has produced a small run of forks for their 50th year in the industry – and of course it makes sense these Limited Edition FOX 50th Anniversary Forks are Podium Gold!

Being a shop with a large aggressive trail, enduro and big mountain market we’ve got a handful of the 36 GRIP X2, 38 GRIP X2 and 40 GRIP X2 forks in stock, but not for long.

Looking for more than a fork? We’ve paired these special edition FOX forks with some of our favorite builds – and we invite riders to take it a step further with kit upgrades and swaps that tie into the gold forks. Brakes? Hubs and Nipples on Custom Wheels? Pedals?

Limited Edition FOX 50th Anniversary Forks!

Take a few minutes and hear what Cody Kelley has to say about his years of riding BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension personalizes FOX fork and shock tunes based on a specific rider and chassis. It’s been proven on the race course as well as on trail by riders of all levels.

Pro MTB rider Cody Kelley and BikeCo.com owner Joe Binatena discuss the advantages of BikeCo Pro Tunes on FOX forks and shocks.

Want to learn more?

Follow this link for more details on the advantages of Pro Tune suspension not matter what your riding level.

Sale Bikes from MTB and eMTB Leaders!

Check out factory pricing incentives and then talk with the team from BikeCo.com.
Learn about personalized spec, pricing, as well as our unmatched build, setup and tuning options.

About Us: Why Riders Choose BikeCo.com over DTC

Why Riders Choose BikeCo over Direct to Consumer Spec Setup and Tuning

Since 1999 BikeCo.com has been a leader in MTB and eMTB retailing and there are many reasons for this. We take pride to offer riders #thebestinMTB. That means understanding the nuances of parts in the marketplace like which part work for which riders. We have high quality staff on the leading edge of product testing and development as well as service and setup teams that work daily with cutting edge products. Most importantly we have a business plan with an unmatchable commitment to you, our clients. We want to know your specs. Sure, anyone can ask your height and weight. But we want to help clients take their riding to the next level. To do this we commit to understanding more about your ground speed, style, terrain, aspirations, etc. We keep in touch with our clients during setup and tuning and love to hear from them, whether comments or questions, during bike dial in. Read why Riders Choose BikeCo over DTC!

Yeti launches revised ASR!

Looking for a nimble cross country rig? Check out the new Yeti ASR.

The ASR is a 115mm travel frame paired with a 120mm fork.

Available in a variety of builds including the exclusive Raw Carbon T5 Ultimate XX SL Transmission offering.

Check out the revised Yeti ASR XC bikes here

Closeout 2023 SB140 Lunch Ride

Size Large. Custom XT Spec with FOX Factory Suspension.

One Unit Left… Contact us NOW to get on this bike…

SB140 Lunch Ride XT Complete, Size Large in Black.

The “quintessential Yeti 29″ build” .

Sale price is $6600. This is a BikeCo Exclusive Deal and limited to a single unit.

Contact us immediately to make this bike yours.

2023 Yeti SB140 Lunch Ride XT Complete at Closeout Pricing

SRAM Transmission Wireless Groupsets

SRAM launched the new Transmission T-Type group sets.

These include XXSL, XX, X0 as well as eMTB specific kits featuring newly designed standards for chain, cassette, cranks and wireless shifting.

Learn more on the product links and contact us for details and availability.

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NEW! BikeCo eMTB and MTB Custom Wheel Builder

BikeCo eMTB and MTB Custom Wheel Builder

Shopping eMTB or MTB Coil Springs?

Check out our new Coil Spring Calculator to compare how different Pre-Load settings allow a crossover of multiple coils giving you the ability to fine tune support and bottom out performance with your coil shock.



We’re down to the very very last of these closeout bikes. Call now 949-470-1099 and get one of these bikes with the upgrades you want locked in before they’re gone…

More Closeout MTB and eMTB:

Shop the remainder of our closeout MTB and eMTB filtering by bike, size and more!

Closeout In-Stock & Available MTB & eMTB Here

Learn why BikeCo’s selection of Maxxis tires allows us to fine tune nearly every rider’s setup for the best rolling speed, grip, efficiency and small bump compliance.

Small bump compliance you say? Yes, more and more riders are using tires to provide a bit of damping allowing more supportive fork and shock settings for better cornering, less brake dive and more performance.

We’re excited to see some of the pandemic production issues close and we’re putting effort back into our custom projects: Custom Bike Builds & Custom Wheels!

Shop the best in MTB from Chris King, Industry 9, Onyx, Factor, Ibis, NOX, WTB and more.

Spec the perfect hubset (brand, drilling, brake mount, and of course color)
Choose your rims (carbon or aluminum, internal rim width, drilling)
Spoke Pattern, Spokes, Nipples, Rim Tape and Valve Stems Options

Finish your wheels off and have them ready to go with fresh brake rotors, rim protection, tires and a cassette.

Check out BikeCo’s eMTB and MTB Custom Wheel Builder here!

There are many bike assemblers. Few bike builders.


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Frame Prep, Pro Tune Suspension as well as Purpose Built Wheels are three examples of expertise that sets us apart.

Read about Frame Prep Services which improve ride quality, bike longevity while producing a quieter bike.

Learn more about BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension personalizing the tune on Fox forks and shocks for better small bump compliance and support.

Improve traction and performance with custom built and tuned wheels. Take a look at Purpose Built Wheels.

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