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Tips and Tricks: Adjusting King Hubs

BikeCo Tips & Tricks: Adjusting Chris King Hubs

It’s typical to need to adjust Chris King hubs when the bearing breaks in. This video and write-up will show you how easy adjusting King Hubs is.

(excuse the breeze noise in spots on the video – the Covid home studio can be noisy…)

Adjusting Bearing Pre-load on King Hubs

As you saw in the video you’re working with delicate, small parts. Be gentle. If you question your mechanical ability find a reputable service resource!

First you have to diagnose if your hubs need to be adjusted.

Grab the top of the tire (front or back). With your other hand grab as near to the hub as possible while having some leverage.

Midway on the fork lower leg is good. About halfway up the seat stay is good in the rear. The goal is to limit other sources of movement such as headsets, suspension pivots, fork bushings, etc.

Rock the tire laterally. If you feel a “click” or “tick” particularly on new or recently serviced King hubs it’s likely you’ll need to adjust the pre-load.

This service is easiest with the wheel in the bike.

Loosen the set screw on the pre-load collar. Then, in small increments, tighten the collar. You want it JUST tight enough that the “tick” goes away.

If you’re too aggressive and over-tighten the system it may damage the bearings.

Once the “tick” is gone tighten the set screw to lock the collar in place.

Pretty easy right? Take it for a test ride and go rip.

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