BikeCo Demo Bikes

In addition to factory demo opportunities BikeCo offers clients access to class leading Demo Bikes on-site.

We rotate the demos frequently providing Ibis, Yeti as well as Alchemy demos for riding fit and disposition review. Demo Bikes

7 23 19 Yeti SB165 T2 X01 Complete 1

Yeti SB165

Large & Medium Yeti SB165 Demo bikes available. Looking for a bike that’s ready for the park and your adventures? Well this bike is designed for the heaviest terrain out there.

For more details on the Yeti SB165 check out Yeti Factory Kits as well as our BikeCo SB165 Custom Builder

Want to learn more about coil springs? Here’s a blog on the basics.


BikeCo Yeti SB130 Demo Bike X01

Yeti SB130 L

The Yeti 29er with 130mm of rear travel paired to a 150mm front fork is a bike on just about every rider’s short list to review. This bike is a truly special chassis with it’s Switch Infinity suspension providing incredible traction and speed capacity. Oh, and it pedals well too. Next level.

Check out BikeCo’s First Ride Review on the Yeti SB130 here. Really want the nitty gritty on the SB130? I keep taking it out, it’s that good…

Links to the Yeti SB130 Factory Completes, Frame and BikeCo Custom Frame Kit Builder to spec the perfect bike for you.


BikeCo HD4 Demo Bike X01

Ibis HD4

Medium and Large. The HD4 is a class leading enduro 27.5″ bike. Featuring 153mm of rear travel paired to 160mm, or the occasional 170mm fork, this bike is designed to mob over terrain. The HD4 has the ability to run up to 2.8″ tires for maximum setup range.

Demo bikes are X01 builds. These feature Ibis 738 wheels with 34mm internal rim widths as well as 160mm Fox 36 Factory Float RC2 forks.

Link to Ibis HD4 Factory Complete Builds, HD4 Frame as well as HD4 Frame Kit Custom Builder.

Alchemy Arktos 29

Alchemy Demo Center Image

We are very excited to be the Alchemy Bicycles So Cal Demo Center. We have a full size run of the Alchemy Arktos 29 for riders to test the EWS proven geo and Sine Suspension.

Check out a first ride review of the Arktos Here.

Demos are $100 per day and up to 3 demos ($300) may be credited to the purchase of a complete or frame within 90 days of demo!
Contact our sales team for more details and to schedule your ride today!
949-470-1099, or chat in online.


Want to understand what you’re looking for on a demo ride? Check out a previous BikeCo blog about what you can learn!