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BikeCo Service Evaluation

When you bring your bike in for service BikeCo’s staff will go through your bike front to back. This pre-service evaluation provides an overview of basic maintenance your bike requires.

Do you have addition concerns or hard to diagnose issues? No problem. Let our team know and they will note your issues for our mechanics.


Some of the basics we assess include:

Check hub bearing feel, bearing adjustment, wheel true, spoke tension as well as tire condition.

Review bushing feel as well as general fork performance.

Grip Condition.

Check for binding or “thumps” from under torqued bearings.

Review lever feel, equal piston movement, pad condition, rotor condition. Check for rotor / pad contamination or heat saturation.

Adjustable Seatpost.
Inspect post for firm top out. Check saddle isn’t loose or creaky.

Suspension Pivots.
Loose pivots substantially lower service life of bearings, axles as well as links.

Pivots can be a source of creaks.

Drivetrain / Shifting.
Measuring a chain helps determine drivetrain life. Additionally it’s important to look at the wear on the cassette and chain ring as well.

As the chain, cassette and chain ring wear in as a group we generally suggest replacing the entire system. Simply replacing a chain worn much past halfway tends to create shifting issues and noise. This is because the new chain is working to “wear in” to mate with the cassette and chain ring. It may click, shift slowly, ghost shift or not release from the chain ring. In other words performance may be better to completely wear out a system than replace it piece by piece.

Most shifting issues are tension issues. Occasionally the set screws need adjustments. Some shifting issues can be traced back to bent teeth or bent / stiff chain links in your drivetrain. On rare occasions loose hub drivers, bent derailleur hangers or other causes may compromise shifting.

Cable & Housing.
As housing it bares the steel reinforcement cables. The individual cable fingers can move which may lead to shifting inconsistencies. If you look closely you can see this Yeti should have the cable and housing replaced due to this.

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Depending on your bike’s condition BikeCo offers a la carte services as well as tunes and packages. Our team will help you understand and prioritize the work and components to dial in your bike’s performance.

Suspension, hub and bottom bracket services go a long way to keeping your older bike feeling fresh. Ask our team about service intervals on these components.

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