What to look for on a MTB Demo Ride

MTB Demo Rides – why you’re unlikely to totally fall in love and what you can learn It’s time for a new mountain bike. You want to ensure you nail down the perfect bike – so you’re on a mission to demo them all and pull the trigger on your absolute favorite? Well, more times than not it doesn’t quite shake out that way. Take a quick read to find out more! Testing a Bike Versus Testing Systems Modern mountain bikes are [...]

2 15 Anneke Joe BikeCo Alchemy Crestline Test

Alchemy Arktos testing with Anneke Beerten & Joe Binatena

Alchemy Arktos Testing with Anneke Beerten 2/14/18: Alchemy Enduro World Series rider Anneke Beerten works with’s owner Joe Binatena dialing in her Arktos for the upcoming race season. Who: Anneke Beerten & Joe Binatena What: Alchemy Arktos testing When: 2/14/18 Where: Crestline Why: Because Shuttle laps in Crestline allow for subtle changes in suspension, tire pressure, as well as control locations to be quickly evaluated. Crestline trail features a variety of chunky rocks, drops, jumps, chutes and transitions. It’s a descent [...]

MTB Tire Selection Center Transition Cornering Lugs

MTB Tire Selection Fundamentals, Tread, Sidewall, Compound, Profile Shape

Choosing the best MTB tire requires understanding basic fundamentals of Tread Pattern, Sidewall, Compound and Profile Shape as they apply to your terrain and riding style. A couple quick considerations for this writeup: GROUND CONDITIONS will affect tire personality, ie ultra-hard pack versus tacky hero dirt versus mud will have different “fastest” patterns based on being able to generate traction. For this breakdown let’s use basic loose over hard pack conditions as a reference point. WEIGHT matters – more to some, less to [...]

Read more... is Under Construction – Under Construction! – Under Construction Welcome to our work in progress! is the online incarnation of The Bike Company in Lake Forest, CA. 888-697-6717   949-470-1099 21098 Bake Pkwy #112 Lake Forest, CA 92630 Since 1999 BikeCo has brought the ultimate in spec, build, setup and tune to MTB riders. BikeCo has the ultimate selection of quality, trail proven, well supported, tuneable, functional components. MTB frames, completes, suspension, wheels, and more. is designed to mirror The Bike Company’s brick and mortar experience. We encourage riders to work [...]

Classic MTB frames & completes from The Bike Company April 2004

Classic image shots from 2004 at The Bike Company

A lot of things can be said about the MTB industry – but it isn’t scared of change! Check out some shots of the cutting edge in 2004. Ellsworth, Foes, Santa Cruz, Intense and Turner were the chassis of choice. Geometry, linkage and suspension components were all in their relative infancy. While race teams certainly helped these were the days when clients were an unspoken part of the R&D chain from manufacturers. Almost no standardized parts. Frames that required [...]

BikeCo Honda Turner MTB Race Team 2003

2003 Durango with Honda Turner MTB Race Team

One of the most iconic MTB teams was run out of The Bike Company in Lake Forest. The BikeCo Honda Turner program revolutionized cross promotional marketing leading the way for larger corporate involvement in what had been a bit of a “grassroot” feel of domestic DH racing. We’ve been extremely lucky to continue relationships with most of the faces pictured. Flipping through the photos you will see one of the ways that pro teams would scout the trail networks – [...]

Since 1999 has worked with the fastest MTB racers at the biggest events like the 2008 Whistler Crankworx

2008 Crankworx Whistler Photo Gallery

Where: Crankworx Whistler When: Summer 2008 What: Dual Slalom (mainly) images Going through the files to ensure that the new website illustrates the long history we’ve found some amazing photo stashes of builds, events, and adventures. Check out some images shot by BikeCo’s owner Joe Binatena while onsite as a race support mechanic for Brian Lopes. Photos include Brian, Sam Hill, Cedric Garcia, Sven Martin, Lee Donavan, Gee Atherton and many more faces from the race scene at the time! 2008 Crankworx [...]