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Brian Lopes GoPro Games 2018 Prep

Brian Lopes GoPro Games 2018 – enjoy some photos and text as Brian and BikeCo’s Joe Binatena prep for this year’s event in Vail, Colorado.

One of the more fun events over the past few years has been the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail. There’s always something going on. Competitive dog long jump / races, slackline, a IFSC Climbing World Cup Qualifer, a variety of Kayak events, yoga, music, as well as beer.

However the real gem for us is the Enduro race in Eagle, Co.

The GoPro Games Enduro packs a total of 25 miles and 4000 feet of climbing into a single day. Four timed stages cover 6 miles of impressive single track racing.

Brian Lopes and Joe Binatena go over setup for the GoPro games on the Ibis Ripmo race bike.

Bike Setup & Shakedown

Prior to any event it is critical to ensure equipment is at 100%.

This is the biggest difference you’ll note between proficient racers, in just about any category, versus more casual riders.

In order to ride at the limit shifting has to be crisp. Brakes need to have bite. Wheels need to be trued and tensioned. Tires choice, pressure and condition need to be dialed in.


Joe Binatena works on Brian Lopes Ibis Ripmo race bike.


Brian has a variety of the best WTB tires available. Depending on trail condition and terrain tread pattern, width as well as sidewall choices will be reviewed.

BikeCo’s Joe Binatena works with Brian to keep all of his bikes dialed in.

Brian’s Ibis Ripmo left the shop prepped with WTB Trail Boss with Light Fast sidewalls. The Trail Boss provides a good lug pattern for trails featuring powder keg dirt. The Light Fast sidewall sacrifices some protection for improved acceleration and rolling speed. Brian is a very smooth rider so these sidewalls will provide him a notable advantage on course.

All smiles before the GoPro games while Brian Lopes test rides his Ibis Ripmo. Joe Binatena looks on.

Extra Bits to Race

Since the GoPro Enduro is a one day event Brian and Joe are able to bring sparse support extras.

A handful of potential tire options, a basic tool kit, extra brake pads as well as a loaded rear wheel are in the bike bag.

A loaded rear wheel is a complete wheel, ready to go. Tire mounted, cassette on, brake rotor installed. For competitive riding simply replacing a wheel due to  flat or leaking tire between stages saves time and energy.


If it's a bike Brian can wheelie it. Ibis Ripmo. Serious fame.


Here is a great interview with Brian on Brian Lopes Outlasts the Risk Factor

More on the Mountain Games

More details about the GoPro Mountain Games available at

Looking for specifics on the biking event?

Enduro Page Here

Check out the Stage Map Here


Brian Lopes is all smiles before the GoPro games.


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