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Brian Lopes New Ibis Ripley

Check out some shots of BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes’ newest build – the fresh Ibis Ripley!

Ibis’ latest edition of the Ripley stays true to the original’s 29″ wheels, fast acceleration, quick handling as well as a trail slaying personality.

Ibis Ripley

Brian Lopes Ibis Ripley rear triangle and drivetrain detail

Along with updates to the DW Suspension system Ibis paid close attention to the modern geometry design. This Ripley features longer reach, slacker head tube and steeper seat tube as well as the smaller 44mm fork offset compared to its predecessors.

120mm of travel goes further into the Enduro trail capacity thanks to the slacker head tube and fork offset. The previous Ripley LS had a head tube angle of 67.5 degrees and 51mm offset fork. The current Ripley slackens to a 66.5 degree head tube and 44mm fork offset.

Ibis Ripley headtube detail with Renthal stem and handlebar

While 1 degree, or 1.5%, change in head tube might not sound like much combined with the 7mm offset the Trail measurement is notably shifted. (Trail is the measurement from an line dropped from the center of the wheel axle and the intersection of the steering axis.) The Ripley LS in stock configuration had a 97.8mm trail measurement while the new Ripley is 112.2mm. That’s about a 13% change! (For reference the Ripmo with its even slacker head tube has a bit more trail at 116.5mm).


Ibis Ripley improved trail measurement shown.

In order to maintain the quick handling while climbing Ibis has steepened the seat tube by a degree. This degree makes a big difference in body positioning, particularly for taller riders keeping them centered in the cockpit.

Upper Linkage detail of Ibis Ripley

The new Ripley has a modern wheelbase at 1207mm for a large. It also features a 475mm reach in size large while mediums have 450mm and XL have 500mm reach.

The 29er Ibis Ripley fits well in the Cross Country Adventure, Trail and Light Enduro personalities. There are a variety of build options to push the new Ripley’s personality – chat with our expert staff about dialing in the perfect build. offers the best spec, build, setup and tune in MTB.

Brian Lopes' Ibis Ripley 4 profile

Ibis Ripley Custom Builder

Ibis Ripley Factory Completes 

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