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Enjoy some blogs with photos of various testing, racing, adventures and more from the BikeCo crew.

Lopes Cockpit Setup Feature Image

BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes Cockpit Setup

Pretty stoked when BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes reads through our blog and takes some time to send notes! Check out details on Brian’s bar width, layup, rise and stem below:   Width & Stiffness Currently I run Renthal Fatbar Lite 35mm diameter bars, uncut at 760mm. Last year I rode Fatbar Lite 31.8mm bars. These were 740mm wide, which was fine, but I wanted just a little more width. I could have run the standard Fatbar for the added width, however it is a [...]

BikeCo Pro Tune Advantages

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension Advantages

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension Advantages For years we’ve has been providing riders access to the best performing Fox Suspension through our proprietary Pro Tunes designed by BikeCo.com owner Joe Binatena. BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension is designed to maximize damper performance to your riding specifics.     Pro Tune’s shift performance windows taking into account RIDER SIZE, EXPERIENCE, DISCIPLINE, TERRAIN, STYLE as well as RIDING GOALS.   Rider Size: Different size different setups, easy right? Stock suspension is designed for a wide range or riders. Suspension is [...]

s 6 5 18 Brian Lopes BikeCo Joe Binatena GoPro Games 1

Brian Lopes preps for 2018 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail

GoPro Mountain Games prep with BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes One of the more fun events over the past few years has been the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail. There’s always something going on. Competitive dog long jump / races, slackline, a IFSC Climbing World Cup Qualifer, a variety of Kayak events, yoga, music, as well as beer. However the real gem for us is the Enduro race in Eagle, Co. The GoPro Games Enduro packs a total of 25 miles and [...]


A Day in the Life of the Alchemy Factory Race Team Mechanic

Check out an awesome blog from Alchemy Bicycles about BikeCo’s Joe Binatena’s role as Factory Team Mechanic: Mountain bike racing requires a helluva lot more than just a bike and a rider, and Joe Binatena, who has been our friend (and dealer) for a long time here at Alchemy, may know that more than anyone. This guy is the staple that holds our bikes (and riders) together. He’s first to the scene when our riders have a mishap with their [...]

Ibis US Enduro Team Announcement

BikeCo.com supports Ibis US Enduro Team!

BikeCo.com is extremely excited to be an official supporter of the Ibis US Enduro Team. The Ibis US Enduro team features talented riders Evan Geankoplis, Essence Barton, Paul Serra and Lili Heim. Brian Lopes will captain the Ibis US team as it contests CES events through the summer. 2018 CES Events include: Round 1: May 26 – Toro Enduro Round 2: June 16 – Mammoth Bar Enduro Round 3: June 30 – China Peak Enduro Round 4: July 28-29 – Crafts and Cranks Enduro Round 5: [...]

4 17 18 Dual Slalom Sea Otter 2014 1

Getting Amped for Sea Otter Dual Slalom!

Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom We’re getting pumped up for this weekend’s Dual Slalom event! The Sea Otter Dual Slalom race is truly a MTB spectacle and if you’re anywhere near the area it’s a must see. (even me, who can’t stand crowds, I have a great time at Slalom) I spoke with Alchemy Factory Racing’s Anneke Beerten about Slalom earlier this week: Q: Dual Slalom is always a fan favorite at Sea Otter. Is it as much fun to race as [...]

2 15 Anneke Joe BikeCo Alchemy Crestline Test

Alchemy Arktos testing with Anneke Beerten & Joe Binatena

Alchemy Arktos Testing with Anneke Beerten 2/14/18: Alchemy Enduro World Series rider Anneke Beerten works with BikeCo.com’s owner Joe Binatena dialing in her Arktos for the upcoming race season. Who: Anneke Beerten & Joe Binatena What: Alchemy Arktos testing When: 2/14/18 Where: Crestline Why: Because Shuttle laps in Crestline allow for subtle changes in suspension, tire pressure, as well as control locations to be quickly evaluated. Crestline trail features a variety of chunky rocks, drops, jumps, chutes and transitions. It’s a descent [...]

Classic MTB frames & completes from The Bike Company April 2004

Classic image shots from 2004 at The Bike Company

A lot of things can be said about the MTB industry – but it isn’t scared of change! Check out some shots of the cutting edge in 2004. Ellsworth, Foes, Santa Cruz, Intense and Turner were the chassis of choice. Geometry, linkage and suspension components were all in their relative infancy. While race teams certainly helped these were the days when clients were an unspoken part of the R&D chain from manufacturers. Almost no standardized parts. Frames that required [...]

BikeCo Honda Turner MTB Race Team 2003

2003 Durango with BikeCo.com Honda Turner MTB Race Team

One of the most iconic MTB teams was run out of The Bike Company in Lake Forest. The BikeCo Honda Turner program revolutionized cross promotional marketing leading the way for larger corporate involvement in what had been a bit of a “grassroot” feel of domestic DH racing. We’ve been extremely lucky to continue relationships with most of the faces pictured. Flipping through the photos you will see one of the ways that pro teams would scout the trail networks – [...]

Since 1999 BikeCo.com has worked with the fastest MTB racers at the biggest events like the 2008 Whistler Crankworx

2008 Crankworx Whistler Photo Gallery

Where: Crankworx Whistler When: Summer 2008 What: Dual Slalom (mainly) images Going through the files to ensure that the new BikeCo.com website illustrates the long history we’ve found some amazing photo stashes of builds, events, and adventures. Check out some images shot by BikeCo’s owner Joe Binatena while onsite as a race support mechanic for Brian Lopes. Photos include Brian, Sam Hill, Cedric Garcia, Sven Martin, Lee Donavan, Gee Atherton and many more faces from the race scene at the time! 2008 Crankworx [...]