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5-6-20 Effective Seattube Angle Explained

Effective Seattube Angle Explained

Part two in an extended look at MTB Geo. (We started with explaining how Reach & Stack are directly connected) In this post we will examine how steeper effective seattube angles stretched bikes out, but actually made them more nimble and even may lead to riders downsizing. As counter-intuitive as it may seem… In short, modern seattube angles position riders further forward. This requires a longer reach dimension as well as extends the front center and wheelbase. But, riders [...]

Exploring mtb geo rider reach and stack

Exploring MTB Geometry

We often talk about a bike’s cutting edge geometry. But what makes an ideal MTB geo? Well, if you’re listening to some of the “influencers” it’s reach, reach and reach… Except it’s not nearly that simple. Exploring MTB Geometry you’ll see that reach is far more malleable than you might have thought. I’d like to take a few posts and explore some of the various balancing acts that go on to produce a great fitting MTB geo. Teaser: As we [...]

Ibis Ripmo 170mm Fork Headtube Angle

170mm Fork on Ibis Ripmo

We’ve been getting a ton of interest in what a 170mm Fork on Ibis Ripmo, both V1 and V2, is all about. Well, there are a handful of things you’re looking at. Let’s skip the flowery verbiage and jump right in. 170mm Fork on Ibis Ripmo The current supply (and it changes daily!) of Ripmo V1 have a lot of people wondering about running 170mm forks to blur the lines between V1 and V2. This creates a slacker headtube angle as [...]

What Got Me Outdoors Nate at BikeCo

What Got Me Outdoors – Nate @ BikeCo

I had a vaguely familiar feeling this week. It took a moment to place it. Kind of that antsy, working big hours, staring at a screen, issues large and small, real and exaggerated. More of a vibration than emotion (shit, I sound like a hippie). I remembered where and when I’d noticed it before. It was just before I got into riding MTB. What Got Me Outdoors At the time I owned an automotive fab shop doing custom suspension design, metal work, [...]

MTB Cornering Tips with Kevin Aiello

Better MTB Cornering with Coach Kevin Aiello

I’ve come to terms with it. I’m kind of spoiled. For example, extending a morning ride counts as work if you invite the right people. So here’s Better MTB cornering with coach Kevin Aiello! Are you  you’re already familiar with these concepts? Rad! In the world of “nothing’s new” there’s a lot of good advice out there. But take a minute to read and check out some photos that illustrate cornering techniques to make your ride more fun. Ready to [...]

Best e-bike suspension BMC AMP APS 1

Factors of the Best E-Bike Suspension

Suspension matters. OK, kind of obvious right? But let’s look at why your e-bike’s suspension design might be even more important than a pedal (or acoustic) option. The best e-bike suspension accounts for factors similar to a pedal option while adding some unique stresses as well. There are as many suspension theories, and patents for them, and pretty much all market to be the be all end all right? Of course. But just like pedal bikes we can quickly narrow [...]

Why We Race Professional Enduro BikeCo Cody Kelley

Why We Race Professional Enduro

Well its late February so it’s time to start hitting the warm up races and qualifiers. This year we thought we’d share some insight on why we race professional enduro. A lot of aspects to professional enduro racing that have direct correlation to consumer MTB. BikeCo owner  Joe Binatena’s experiences’ working with the fastest in MTB is brought back and applied to help client’s get the most out of their riding. Suspension setup and tune. Tire combos and setup (as [...]

Prioritizing Components for Performance

MTB: Prioritizing Components for Performance – Personality & Price

Recently I had a client hit me with with one of my favorite questions – What areas of my build will I most notice my budget? Well, BikeCo specializes in full custom as well as factory builds with upgrades. Our team is really versed on this. Understanding how to weigh performance gains and spec options allows riders to build a bike that’s going to hit their trail desires and budget. Prioritizing Components for Performance will allow you to dial [...]

BMC TrailFox SpeedFox AMP First Ride Review

BMC SpeedFox AMP E-Bike First Ride Review is excited to be working with BMC’s AMP e-bike lineup. While I have some parking lot experience I thought I’d share a trail based e-bike first ride review. But first, let’s look at the parking lot. Joe and I initially planned to take out the BMC’s totally stock. After all they have pretty nice spec’s from the factory and a lot of clients will be shopping them without any modifications. I was riding the SpeedFox AMP Two and Joe pedaled [...]

BMC SpeedFox TrailFox AMP E Bikes

Introducing BMC AMP eMTB

We’re excited to introduce the BMC AMP eBike lineup to our clients. After an exhaustive market search we’ve decided to partner with BMC AMP for a variety of reasons. As always Performance is key here at The BMC Amp lineup features modern, intuitive, FUN geometry and suspension designs. Reliability. If you are shopping ebikes you’re aware that not all motors and batteries are equal. It’s true. The BMC AMP series features the class leading Shimano STEPS motor. These motors provide [...]