Headset & Bearings

Check out write-ups and videos to help you keep your headset and bearing dialed in.

Quick MTB Headset Adjustment

BikeCo’s Tips In Sixty Explains MTB Headset Adjustment     Not 100% clear? Check out a longer video with BikeCo owner Joe Binatena:     A loose headset is extremely hard on the bearings as well as a bike’s headtube. What To Look For Holding the front brake rock the bike fore and aft. Turn the wheel 90 degrees and rock the bike If you feel a “clunk” you likely have something loose or moving. (Turning the wheel eliminates brake pad rock from the “clunk” feel.) What To Do If [...]


How to Open Chris King Bearings for Service

Learn How To Open Chris King Bearings for Service     In this video BikeCo’s Joe Binatena shows you how to open up a Chris King bearing for cleaning as well as re-greasing as needed. The ease of service combined with the ultimate quality of build mean that with occasional service you King components will outlast several builds! These techniques work for King bottom brackets, headsets and hubs. Furthermore, if you are frequently servicing your hubs King offers a quick injection tool as well.