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Burp Your MTB Fork & Lube Seals

BikeCo Tips In Sixty – Burp your MTB Fork & Lube Seals for Maximum Performance Does your fork feel slappy or sticky between services? Some forks are more likely to off gas or gulp air past the seals building up pressure in the lowers. This creates additional negative spring pressure. A great trick to maximize small bump compliance as well as minimize arm pump and hand slap is occasionally burping the lowers. What To Do Ensure that your fork legs and seals are clean. Insert [...]

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PreCharge your Shock Pump for Accurate Adjustments

How to PreCharge a Shock Pump We get a lot of clients looking to really dial in suspension. Here’s an often overlooked trick – how to precharge your shock pump. It’s not difficult however it’s strangely controversial. Sometimes science has that affect I guess, the world isn’t flat either… So, here’s the basic on why you precharge a pump. Volume change. PSI and Volume are related. When you increase volume, say, by adding the length of pump line, the PSI will drop.     Working [...]

BikeCo Pro Tune Advantages

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension Advantages

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension Advantages For years we’ve has been providing riders access to the best performing Fox Suspension through our proprietary Pro Tunes designed by owner Joe Binatena. BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension is designed to maximize damper performance to your riding specifics.     Pro Tune’s shift performance windows taking into account RIDER SIZE, EXPERIENCE, DISCIPLINE, TERRAIN, STYLE as well as RIDING GOALS.   Rider Size: Different size different setups, easy right? Stock suspension is designed for a wide range or riders. Suspension is [...]

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Basic MTB Suspension Setup Controls

Basic MTB Suspension Setup Controls In January we hosted a Suspension Clinic at We had a great turnout for what turned into a couple hours of BikeCo owner / World Cup level mechanic Joe Binatena explaining setup and tune options. At the clinic we handed out a printed concept sheet to help riders understand the basics (in some cases pretty over simplified basics). We’ve had a handful of requests for copies of the handout, so here it is for riders and [...]