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Installing Cable & Housing Video

Installing Cable & Housing Video – Pro Tips by Joe Binatena.   Watch BikeCo owner Joe Binatena install new cable and housing before adjusting a rear derailleur. Ensuring the proper length of housing is important for performance as well as accommodating bar wrap in a crash. If your replacing existing housing, and it was the right length, it’s easy to simply copy it. On a new build you will review the length. Joe illustrates some easy tips to dial you in. Want to minimize [...]


How to size a MTB chain video

How to size a MTB chain video. Proper MTB Full Suspension Chain Length Sizing & Derailleur Setup. Pro Tips by Joe Binatena.     BikeCo owner Joe Binatena shows you how to spec the ideal chain length as well as some basics on rear derailleur setup. This is one of the earliest and to be sure most popular of the posted videos from Chain Length on Full Suspension Bikes It is important to understand full suspension bikes have chain growth. As the rear wheel [...]


MTB Shifting Barrel Adjustment Video

MTB Shifting Barrel Adjustment Video – Fine Tune Your Derailleur with the Shifter’s Barrel Adjustment     Barrel adjustments fine tune shifting performance by correcting hesitant shifting or skipping between gears. Of course that’s assuming that everything is torqued, set screws are adjusted properly and the cable tension at the derailleur is in range. When installing a new cable reset the barrel adjuster close to the middle of it’s throw. This allows you to add or subtract tension from the shifter as required. Adding Tension Should [...]


MTB Shifting Issues Video

Learn about common MTB Shifting Issues in this Tips in Sixty Video. Having shifting issues? Watch this video to identify some the most likely culprits. Dialing in your shifting involves proper hi and low set screw positioning, appropriate B tension positioning as well as proper cable tension. Incorrect limit settings create chains that shift into the frame or wheel. This can be destructive to both spokes, chains and rear triangles. Cable tension issues result in poor shift response either up or down the [...]