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Check out some of the tips and tricks we’ve come across that make your riding experience that much better!

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BikeCo Frame Prep

BikeCo Frame Prep BikeCo Frame Prep services ensure maximum service life, ultimate trail performance as well as quiet performance for your mountain bike. We stand behind our Frame Prep service for 1 year. Should your frame develop noise or issues from components associated with Frame Prep BikeCo will take care of you. BikeCo Frame Prep is complimentary with any frame or complete purchase from Standard pricing is $70-90*. Some frames require more work and will be quoted accordingly at service write-up. Noise [...]

Lopes Cockpit Setup Feature Image

BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes Cockpit Setup

Pretty stoked when BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes reads through our blog and takes some time to send notes! Check out details on Brian’s bar width, layup, rise and stem below:   Width & Stiffness Currently I run Renthal Fatbar Lite 35mm diameter bars, uncut at 760mm. Last year I rode Fatbar Lite 31.8mm bars. These were 740mm wide, which was fine, but I wanted just a little more width. I could have run the standard Fatbar for the added width, however it is a [...]

MTB Handlebar Setup Main Image

MTB Handlebar Setup Concepts

Dialing in your setup – MTB Handlebars MTB Handlebar setup is important to a bike’s personality. Suspension, Tires, Brakes are important as well, but if your cockpit isn’t setup appropriately this can be all for not. A proper handlebar with the right setup will be comfortable and predictable across a variety of terrain. Handlebar dimensions are provided in width, rise, upsweep as well as backsweep.     Small deviations in these define if a bar is fast, neutral or slow handling. Large deviations drastically [...]

Functional Bike Wash by BikeCo

Quick Bike Wash

How-to: Quick Bike Wash for Improved Service Intervals Keeping your bike functionally clean will keep it on trail longer between services. If you stay on top of these cleanings somewhat regularly a quick functional wash will take 5-10 minutes. Located in Southern California our standard desert riding doesn’t see a lot of water or mud – you maybe in for more work depending on the amount of muck you come across… Here are the basic steps when washing your bike (left to [...]


Fix A Broken Chain with a Power Link

Fix Your Broken Chain On Trial with a Missing Link (or Power Link) – Tips In Sixty     A broken chain on trail can be quite the pain – or not… Using a Missing Link or Power Link you can quickly reconnect your chain. Be sure to use the right speed choice 10sp, 11sp, or 12sp for your setup (they are different widths). Ensure that you don’t have a series of bulged, bent or failed links that will explode as soon as you have [...]


Isolating Basic MTB Creaks

Learn how to Isolate Common MTB Creaks     This video illustrates steps to isolate common creaks and pops on your mountain bike. Even if you can’t completely isolate your issue being able to articulate what you’ve eliminated is extremely helpful. bikes and frames are prepped to minimize noise which improves performance as well as longevity. Our attention to detail on pivots, bearings, and interfaces is second to none. BikeCo Frame Prep service is included with the price of any frame or complete.   Sidenote: the [...]


Identify Hard to Find Mountain Bike Creaks

Learn how to Identify Hard to Find Mountain Bike Creaks with Joe Binatena’s Joe Binatena helps walk riders through some of the hard to find as well as lesser known creaks in mountain bikes. Don’t let your bike’s creaks shorten your frame’s service life. Work to address the annoying noises to better enjoy your rides, increase your bikes performance and maximize its longevity.   * takes no responsibility for your mechanical aptitude. If you have ANY doubts about your mechanical ability we suggest [...]


Fixing Bearing Creak on Multi Pivot Suspension Bikes

Fixing Bearing Creak on Multi Pivot Suspension Bikes with Joe Binatena   Have you been fighting a mystery creak, chirp, or other bizarre noise that can’t be tracked down? Watch BikeCo’s Joe Binatena go through the steps of correcting bearing interface. Take Joe’s advice and check the easy stuff first. If you are still struggling to find the cause of your noise these steps may save you a lot of heartache, hours of searching, and potential damage on your frame.   * takes no responsibility [...]


Adjusting Fox Forty Triple Clamp Alignment

Adjust your Fox Forty Fork’s Triple Clamp Alignment Watch’s Joe Binatena explain the best practice for adjusting your Fox Forty Fork triple clamp. Adjusting your fork using Joe’s method will provide the smoothest operation and best performance.   * takes no responsibility for your mechanical aptitude. If you have ANY doubts about your mechanical ability we suggest using a competent resource for bike service. These tips are posted to help riders with specific issues. In the event you are unable to competently [...]