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Back To Flats or, Flats For My Back

Back To Flats is a bit of a misnomer. I’ve occasionally rode flats over the years to avoid developing too many bad habits. But since I began riding it’s been on clipless pedals. Chronic lower back pain has me working on different solutions to stay on the bike. So Flats For My Back might be a more accurate title… Check out a blog: Back to Flats Riding Flat Pedals. Don’t have back pain? Keep reading it’s about more than me [...]

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Better Small Bump Compliance Riding Technique

Every MTB rider is looking to improve their suspension. At BikeCo we offer the best products on the market as well as proprietary Pro Tune Services to maximize performance. Still having issues? Let’s look at Better Small Bump Compliance through technique and more powerful brakes. Quick review. Poor small bump compliance causes a bike to skip across the trail. This leads to inefficient and somewhat unpredictable cornering as well as braking. Small bump compliance issues can be from product design, [...]

Choosing the best MTB Tire

Best Summer MTB Tires

Choosing the Best Summer MTB Tires Well it’s the end of July at we’re seeing triple digits in Southern California. Guess it’s summer. As the trails bake into hard pack or blow out into dust bowl corners or the favorite loose over hard combo it’s time to look at the best summer mtb tires. Admittedly, some of BikeCo’s blog posts are quite biased on my personal experiences. Like this one. On my last fast ride I noticed I was all over the [...]

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BikeCo Frame Prep

BikeCo Frame Prep BikeCo Frame Prep services ensure maximum service life, ultimate trail performance as well as quiet performance for your mountain bike. We stand behind our Frame Prep service for 1 year. Should your frame develop noise or issues from components associated with Frame Prep BikeCo will take care of you. BikeCo Frame Prep is complimentary with any frame or complete purchase from Standard pricing is $70-90*. Some frames require more work and will be quoted accordingly at service write-up. Noise [...]

Lopes Cockpit Setup Feature Image

Brian Lopes Cockpit Setup

Brian Lopes Cockpit Setup Details Pretty stoked when BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes reads through our blog and takes some time to send notes! Check out details on Brian’s bar width, layup, rise and stem below:   Width & Stiffness Currently I run Renthal Fatbar Lite 35mm diameter bars, uncut at 760mm. Last year I rode Fatbar Lite 31.8mm bars. These were 740mm wide, which was fine, but I wanted just a little more width. I could have run the standard Fatbar for the added width, [...]

MTB Handlebar Setup Main Image

MTB Handlebar Setup Concepts

Dialing in your setup – MTB Handlebars MTB Handlebar setup is important to a bike’s personality. Suspension, Tires, Brakes are important as well, but if your cockpit isn’t setup appropriately this can be all for not. A proper handlebar with the right setup will be comfortable and predictable across a variety of terrain. Handlebar dimensions are provided in width, rise, upsweep as well as backsweep.     Small deviations in these define if a bar is fast, neutral or slow handling. Large deviations drastically [...]

Functional Bike Wash by BikeCo

How to Wash a Mountain Bike – Quick Tips from BikeCo

How to Wash a Mountain Bike for Improved Service Intervals Keeping your bike functionally clean will keep it on trail longer between services. If you stay on top of these cleanings somewhat regularly a quick functional wash will take 5-10 minutes. In this write-up we shoe you How to Wash a Mountain Bike. Located in Southern California our standard desert riding doesn’t see a lot of water or mud – you maybe in for more work depending on the amount of [...]


Fix A Broken Chain with a Power Link Video

Fix A Broken Chain with a Power Link – get pedaling quickly with this tip.     A broken chain on trail can be quite the pain – or not… A power link together with a small chain breaker allows you to quickly fix a broken chain. BikeCo has a variety of multi-tools with small chain breakers to get you home. Watch the video to see how to use a Missing Link or Power Link to quickly reconnect your chain. Be sure to use [...]


Isolate MTB Creaks Video

Watch this video and learn how to Isolate MTB Creaks. These tips will help narrow down the suspects on your bike.     When chasing creaks its important to eliminate common culprits. In this video we go through areas to review which narrow down your search. Defining the riding condition or conditions that you notice the noise. Is it when you pedal? Is it only when you’re seated? Gain as much information as you can. Even if you can’t completely isolate your issue being [...]


Hard to Find Mountain Bike Creaks Video

Hard to Find Mountain Bike Creaks Video. Learn how to identify culprits of hard to find MTB creaks together with BikeCo’s Joe Binatena.’s Joe Binatena illustrates hard to find as well as lesser known creaks in mountain bikes. Don’t let your bike’s creaks shorten its service life. Remember, noise is movement. If a bearing or axle is wandering it may wallow other components creating larger issues. Address the annoying noises to better enjoy your rides, increase your bikes performance in addition [...]