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8-14-19 30 vs 32t Comparison

30 vs 32t Comparison – Drivetrain Review

30 vs 32t Comparison – from a slow climber… We get a lot of questions on chain ring options. So when my old cranks finally gave up the ghost, press-fit eventually gets sloppy and the creak / get loose often, I decided to go to a bigger ring. So here’s a 30 vs 32t comparison – from someone who’s never, never been a climber.  Keep reading – it’s more than a saga of pain and suffering… My last couple bikes were [...]

9 19 18 Compression Damper Blog BikeCo

Suspension Compression Tuning Basics

So you’ve gone through our volume spacing and sag calculators – ready for the next step? Let’s go over some Suspension Compression Tuning Basics. The compression circuit of your MTB suspension is one of the more misunderstood adjustments you have at your disposal. A good reason for this is frankly MTB suspension tends to be over compressed for the average rider. “I run my shocks completely open” isn’t an uncommon answer, particularly with stock suspension. The compression circuit is designed to [...]

3 21 18 Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review BikeCo

Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review

Maxxis Aggressor Tire Review: First Ride Impressions Maxxis Aggressor 2.3 EXO Tire. The Maxxis Aggressor is a tire that’s been really intriguing to me. This is a tire with a fast rolling center section as well as relatively tightly spaced cornering lugs. As I have been testing thicker sidewall options such as Maxxis DoubleDown and Onza EDC the lighter EXO sidewall was an exciting option. I pulled the trigger on the 27.5″ 2.3 EXO. Weight, wait, weight? At 230lb I seldom worry [...]

Cush Core Huck Norris Comparison

CushCore vs Huck Norris Comparison

12/5/19 Update – Check out a new blog comparing the CushCore PRO vs. XC rim protection. CushCore vs Huck Norris Comparison – differences in the leading rim insert protection. Tire inserts have grown in popularity over the past few seasons as riders find themselves in larger terrain at higher speeds. Inserts like the CushCore and Huck Norris are the most popular options providing riders protection as well as different benefits depending on needs. RIM & TIRE PROTECTION The top three images show tires [...]

MTB Tire Selection Center Transition Cornering Lugs

MTB Tire Selection Fundamentals, Tread, Sidewall, Compound, Profile Shape

Choosing the best MTB tire requires understanding basic fundamentals of Tread Pattern, Sidewall, Compound and Profile Shape as they apply to your terrain and riding style. A couple quick considerations for this writeup: GROUND CONDITIONS will affect tire personality, ie ultra-hard pack versus tacky hero dirt versus mud will have different “fastest” patterns based on being able to generate traction. For this breakdown let’s use basic loose over hard pack conditions as a reference point. WEIGHT matters – more to some, less to [...]