Custom Complete Builders

** 2/14/19 Under Construction **

Since our launch in 1999 custom bike builds have been a cornerstone of Our goal is to dial in the ultimate spec for each client’s riding style, aspiration and budgets.

With our Custom Complete Builders riders can spec their bike with combinations of the best components MTB has to offer. These builders provide an MSRP price which you can submit for a personalized price quote from our expert team of riders.

Ibis Cycles

Ibis Ripmo Custom Complete Builder BikeCo

Build your perfect Ibis Ripmo, HD4, Mojo3, Ripley LS or DV9

Yeti Cycles

Yeti SB150 Custom Complete Builder

Spec the ultimate SB150, SB130, SB100, SB6 or SB5 with BikeCo’s custom builder!

Alchemy Bikes

Alchemy Arktos 29 Custom Complete Builder
Build the perfect Alchemy Arktos 29 or 27.5 here

Transition Bikes

Transition Sentinel Carbon Custom Builder by BikeCo

Check out the best from Transition Bikes Here


Evil – Coming Soon