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Custom Ibis Ripley with Float X

Custom Ibis Ripley with Float X

Adding some Enduro punch to the Ibis Ripley.

Couple mods worth noting on this Ripley build: the rear shock has been swapped to the FOX Float X giving the bike a bit more rear damper heat capacity as well as some additional compression tuning options. The front of this bike features FOX 36 with travel modification to maintain the Ripley’s quick handling and playful personality. The GRIP2 damper provides some additional compression tuning as well compared to the spec’d FIT4. Now, for riders who might not be looking to go quite as burly the FOX 34 offers a GRIP2 damper option as well, however it doesn’t have the burp valves and isn’t quite as stiff.

This client has gone with high volume tires to add even a touch more grip and suspension to the bike. Remember, a lot of your small bump compliance comes from tire and PSI setup particularly when leaning the bike on flat corners where the suspension becomes less effective (more on that coming hopefully late next week in a new video series)

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