Custom Yeti SB100: King / Nox

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Custom Yeti SB100

Custom Yeti SB100: King / Nox

Enjoy some shots of the latest custom Yeti SB100 from

This build is designed for the ultimate trail bike / light enduro package. Whether on an all day adventure or a quick after work rip this SB100 is dialed in.

custom yeti sb100

Nox Farlow rims feature a 29mm internal rim width. This allows riders a variety of tire widths depending on personality. In this case a Maxxis Aggressor 2.3″ rear tire provides good cornering and quick rolling speeds.

The drivetrain is a mixture of XX1 as well as X01 components. XX1 derailleur, shifter and chain with X01 cranks and cassette.

4 4 19 Yeti SB100 Custom 3 fs

The new 175mm Fox Transfer post is available in Performance or Factory Kashima options.

Ergon saddles have been extremely popular. This bike spec’s the size medium Ergon SME3.


4 4 19 Yeti SB100 Custom 4 fs

Race Face Turbine R stem as well as Next-R handlebar mount ODI grips. A Chris King Matte Jet dropset ensures this client won’t wear out a headset!


4 4 19 Yeti SB100 Custom 7 fs

The Fox Factory Fit4 34 Stepcast fork balances light weight with incredible performance. This bike weighs in at 28lbs with Race Face Atlas pedals.

Matte Jet Chris King hubs compliment the Nox Farlow and matte black SB100 colorway.


4 4 19 Yeti SB100 Custom 8 fs


One of my favorite aspects to the modern Yeti lineup is the crisp lines. These bikes look fast even when standing still. With the top tube visually going straight into the stays the Yeti SB series are visually compact and mean.


Ready to dial in the perfect custom Yeti SB100? Use BikeCo’s builder to spec your dream bike.

Custom Yeti SB100 Builder

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