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9 6 19 Yeti SB130 Storm Lunch Ride Custom 1

Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride

Enjoy some pics of the latest Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride XX1 build by BikeCo.

BikeCo offers the 55mm stroke shock as well as 160mm fork air shafts on any Yeti SB130 frame or complete.


Yeti SB130 Storm Lunch Ride with XX1 and NOX carbon rims


This bike is spec’s with a cable driven XX1 eagle drivetrain. The Eagle AXS cassette and chain provide an awesome pop of color for the Yeti SB130 Storm frame color.

Nox Composite carbon hoops provide excellent torque transfer as well as trail tracking. Check out some of BikeCo’s Favorite Custom Wheel Builds Here.


Detail shot of XX1 AXS chainring and chain on Storm Yeti SB130


The SRAM 32t chain ring is a technical piece. Designed to be extremely light and stiff SRAM’s top tier rings provide great service life.


detail of Magura MT7 caliper on Yeti SB130 Storm Lunch Ride Custom build


SRAM XX1 Eagle. Chris King. Magura MT7. Checking off the must-haves in a dream build.


detail of ergon grip and Magura MT7 brake levers Yeti SB130 Storm Lunch Ride Custom build


4-piston brakes like the Magura MT7 are growing in popularity. The additional heat capacity and stopping power allows smaller rotors to perform better. With smaller rotors riders are able to fine tune performance by lowering the rotor’s mechanical leverage advantage. You eliminate some of the grab or jump when you get on the brakes which improves modulation.


Headtube badge detail of Yeti SB130 Storm Lunch Ride Custom


Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride


The Yeti 2020 color and graphic packages are amazing. Clean. Concise. Elegant. The sharp lines of the modern Yeti frames look fast standing still.


Detail of Oil Slick XX1 AXS Cassette and chain with Matte Jet Chris King hub.


Cost and value. Chris King components are an excellent example of long term value in cycling. King bits have low maintenance requirements and unbelievable service intervals. Headsets will last the life of the frame. King hubs? Well King hubs can travel with you bike after bike after bike… US made in Portland Oregon.


Top tube detail of storm SB130 Chris King Matte Slate headset and GRIP2 fork


BikeCo offers the Yeti Lunch Ride configuration with the GRIP2 as well as FIT4 dampers. This build features the GRIP2 with high and low speed compression and rebound. FIT4 riders enjoy a 3 position “lockout” as well as low speed compression and rebound.

Jump back to BikeCo’s Blog for more info on the Yeti SB130 including first ride, extended ride, lunch ride reviews and more!

Ready to spec the perfect SB130? Use BikeCo’s Yeti SB130 Custom Complete Builder! Put together your dream rig bit by bit and our team will provide you a customized price quote.

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