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5-18-20 Yeti SB140 AXS Custom Build 1

Custom Yeti SB140 Build

Enjoy some detail photos of this custom Yeti SB140 build by It’s the small details that make a big difference on this build. Make sure you take note of the oil slick brake hardware!

Custom Yeti SB140 Build featuring ENVE wheels and XX1 AXS Oil Slick drivetrain.


This build features the wireless SRAM XX1 AXS drivetrain as well as the Rock Shox Reverb AXS seatpost. The AXS option allows riders to customize their remote’s performance and take advantage of a self trimming rear derailleur. The multi-colored AXS XX1 chain and cassette are referenced as Rainbow or Oil slick.


Yeti SB140 AXS Custom Build highlights Oil Slick brake hardware, ergon grip clamps. Matte Mango King headset.


Note the Oil Slick handlebar grip clamps as well as the brake bolts. Like we said, it’s the small details that make a big difference.

Enve M735 rims laced to DT Swiss 240 hubs provide light, strong wheels with excellent power transferring personality.


highlighting RockShox Reverb AXS wireless controller. Enve Cockpit & Chris King Headset.


The cockpit features the Enve M7 carbon stem and M7 handlebar. Torque is critical on a carbon cockpit like this making a small torque clicker popular. Enve spec’s a 5.5 nm torque – so some riders choose the 5mm and go just over, but most choose the 6mm and stop just prior to the click. Chat with our team if you have questions.

The Rock Shox AXS Reverb remote is adjustable with two mounting holes. This allows riders to position the clamp inboard or outboard of the brakes depending on taste. Options like the Magura ShiftMix provide mounts that attach directly to the brake for an even cleaner look.


Front view of Yeti SB140 AXS Custom Build. Enve handlebar, enve cockpit.



Check out how clean the cockpit looks without derailleur or seatpost cables…


view from behind cockpit. Enve stem, handlebars and AXS Bluetooth controls.


Chris King Dropset headset is made in the USA, available in a variety of colors and with basic service will last the life of your bike. Why not upgrade at time of build and not look back?

This build also features a FIT4 instead of a Grip2 damper. Many lighter riders will appreciate the added suppleness of the FIT4. One of the beauties of the Fox 36 lineup is dampers are interchangeable.


highlighting Yeti SB140 custom build with DT Swiss 240 rear hub.


The 36t ratchet is the most popular in DT Swiss 240s and 350 hubs. While the 18t has a bit of “thump” as power is applied the 54t option can be a bit fragile for riders with big power, or if you’re like me, questionable technique (hey, I don’t spin great circles!).

The brown travel rings indicate that this bike has BikeCo Pro Tunes front and rear.


Cassette highlighted on Yeti SB140 AXS Custom Build


Super crisp, clean lines set off the SRAM AXS Cassette, SB140 frame as well as the XX1 AXS derailleur.


Yeti SB140 AXS Custom Build with Chris King Matte Mango headset and Yeti headtube badge.


Ready to spec your dream Yeti SB140? Take a look at our Custom Builder to dial in your dream bike from tip to tail. Submit your build and our team will contact you with BikeCo’s pricing and answer any questions you may have on your spec.

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