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Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange

Custom Yeti SB150 build with orange fork & highlights

Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange

At BikeCo we build dream bikes on a regular basis. Sometimes a dream bike is a factory build with a couple upgrades like Magura brakes, maybe some color flare. Other times, well, we build over the top dream bikes like this Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange banger.

The attention to detail on this bike is second to none. Our team worked with the client to ensure the best green and orange components highlighted this build.


Magura Raceline MT7 brakes


Magura MT7 Raceline brakes with HC3 levers offer amazing adjust-ability. Riders can fine tune fit, and leverage. Add snap or increase modulation based on taste. Magura 4 piston brakes offer enough power that many riders are able to run smaller rotors. The smaller rotors improve modulation by decreasing torque leverage.

Orange Ergon grips, RaceFace SixC carbon bars, King Matte Mango headset and a two colored Industry Nine 35mm stem set off the cockpit. Oh, and don’t forget the orange stem spacers!


Cockpit of Custom yeti SB150 with i9 stem in green and orange


How much detail? Look to the right of the image above and you’re going to see the orange pad on the PNW remote. Highlight color on a component without sacrificing performance. Dialing the build in.


Custom yeti SB150 with orange OneUp chainguide


The SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain in gold compliments the Yeti Verde frame and orange highlights.

Orange Next-R cranks and OneUp chainguide continue the highlight colors low on the bike. Like Chris King components Wolf Tooth offers top tier products that are made in the USA.

The limited MT7 Raceline bright yellow caliper looks great with the green frame in the sunlight.


Yeti SB150 in verde with orange Chris King hubs


Astute viewers will notice the orange FOX 38. Available from FOX in 180mm our team can change the air shaft of the 38 and 36 forks to dial in your bike. This SB150 is spec’d with a 170mm front end, so the FOX 38’s air shaft was swapped.

2 piece Hope floating rotors in orange continue the color splash. The bright Magura MT7 front caliper brings some of the “main” color down to the front of the bike as an accent.

NOX Composite carbon rims are a favorite for a wide range of riders. The NOX rims provide a nice balance of stiffness. Not so stiff that they’ll bounce you off trail while stiff enough to great trail tracking and torque transfer.

These are in-house handbuilt wheels to give the rider a personalized setup. We are able to build wheels with advantages based on rider weight, riding style, terrain and ground speed. Your wheels play a bit part in your bike’s overall traction – why leave it to a machine build?

Yeti SB150 Bike of the Day

Vital Bike of the Day: BikeCo Custom Yeti SB150 build.


It’s always fun when our builds are highlighted by manufacturers and industry sites. This custom Yeti SB150 was featured as VitalMTB’s Bike of the Day featuring it to their viewers.

Are you in the market for your next, or first, dream bike? The team here at is available to help you define the ultimate spec, setup and tune for your riding. You’ll also receive unmatched after sales service to help you dial in suspension, tire pressure, cockpit setup and more.

We love helping our clients’ take a bike from “this is good” to “oh man it’s dialed!”. Everyone here at BikeCo rides and appreciates how important your bike’s performance is to your riding experience.

Our team will help you hit your goals, be it budget, color, as much USA made, whatever, without sacrificing function. There are a lot of “almost” manufacturers in MTB. Your bike’s performance is based on how each component links and interacts with the next. Our staff will help you navigate the waters of “this IS great” and “this only LOOKS great”.

Thanks for the read on this custom Yeti SB150 Verde build. We look forward to working with you on your next build!

In the market? Chat with our team today. We offer the best spec, setup, tune and after sales service in MTB.

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