Custom Yeti SB4.5 by

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BikeCo Custom Yeti SB45 MT Trail Brake 1

Custom Yeti SB4.5 by

Custom Yeti SB4.5 by, Magura MT Trail Brakes, Ibis 938 Wheels

Our sales team works with clients day in and day out dialing in the ultimate spec, setup and tune. In this case we asked them to spec a bike for the floor and they came back with a banger Yeti SB4.5 at an incredible value!

Yeti’s SB4.5 is a special bike. 4.5″ of Switch Infinity suspension is an efficient, XC Endurance as well as Trail ripping platform. Switch Infinity suspension is known to punch out of its weight class with an unbelievable balance of efficiency and competence. When you pair the Switch Infinity Suspension with Yeti’s cutting edge geometry this long, low, mean bike is fun all the way into the Enduro class trails.

This bike is a Medium, Carbon Series GX Eagle build with upgrades.

MSRP on this build is $5,600 but BikeCo has you dialed in at $4,800

Check out the build here: Custom Yeti SB4.5 Build by

(Looking for something different? Reach out to our sales team we have you covered)

Upgrades: Yeti SB4.5 GX Eagle Carbon Build Brakes

In order to maximize the Enduro trail personality of the Yeti SB4.5 our team swapped brakes to Magura MT Trails.


BikeCo Custom Yeti SB45 MT Trail Brake 3


The Magura MT Trail brakes are built on the proven MT5 master cylinder. MT Trail levers feature the updated 1 finger levers. The smaller levers allow riders to position the brakes for confident 1 finger braking and quick access to stopping power.


BikeCo Custom Yeti SB45 MT Trail Brake


What makes the Magura MT Trail series different and desirable to Trail as well as light Enduro riders is the piston combination. In the front a Magura 4 piston caliper provides incredible stopping power and heat capacity. By running the larger 4 piston setup in the front riders are able to spec a smaller rotor size. The additional power for the 4 piston caliper makes up for the lower leverage ratio of the smaller rotor. Why would you want this? It improves modulation by lowering the initial “bite” from a taller rotor!


BikeCo Custom Yeti SB45 MT Trail Brake


The Magura MT Trail features a 2 piston rear caliper saving weight and helping with power application to the rear wheel. Fast trail riding with too much rear brake leads to tire lock and lack of traction. Magura balances power to keep your wheel doing what you expect behind you!

Upgrades: Yeti SB4.5 GX Eagle Carbon Build Wheels

Ibis 938 aluminum rims laced to Ibis hubs pump the SB4.5 up with a bit more Enduro capacity from tire volume. The Ibis 938’s 35mm internal rim width allows a variety of tires to be mounted to the SB4.5. The 35mm internal rim’s additional volume gives this bike improved traction for ultimate confidence.


BikeCo Custom Yeti SB45 MT Trail Brake


Ibis set the bar high when they released their rim collection. These aluminum rims are stiff for awesome tracking with great tubeless tire shaping for ease of mounting as well as retention when you start ripping hard on them!


BikeCo Custom Yeti SB4.5 MT Trail Brake


Ready to crush the next trail? This 2.5″ Minion DHF is set to go! From about 2.25 to 2.6″ the 35mm internal rim produces a great shape for cornering fast.


BikeCo Custom Yeti SB4.5 MT Trail Brake

The Maxxis Ardent 2.4 is still one of my all time favorite rear tires. Great shape paired with the Ibis 938 rim. Fast rolling, confident turning – this tire wants to go!

Check out more details on this bike here: Custom Yeti SB4.5 Build with Upgrades by

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