Enve M730 Rim Detail Pics, Alchemy Factory Racing 2018

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Enve M730 Rim Detail Pics, Alchemy Factory Racing 2018

Enve M730 Rim Detail Pics, Alchemy Factory Racing 2018


The new Chris King Enve M730 wheels for Alchemy team riders Anneke Beerten and Cody Kelley arrived today.

Click through some photos to take a look at the latest technology – Enve’s Protective Rim Strip.

These rim strips were track proven with Enve’s downhill teams last year. Designed to function as the lightest anti-flat system on the market as well as adding some protection to the carbon hoops they also help keep tubeless sealant away from spokes and nipples. The Enve Protective Rim Strip is notably easier than previous rim / tire strips to install and remove. The Protective Rim Strip has a great shape for easy tubeless tire mounting and retention.

Chris King hubs are an easy choice for performance for riders who will spend much of the year away from their home bases. King hubs are exceptionally reliable and can be build a variety of ways for speed as well as service intervals. King rear hubs are easily capable of handling the torque from strong riders and large tooth cassettes. (There are many clients with the same King hubs being built into wheel set after wheel set in my time at BikeCo!)

In the market for banger Enduro carbon wheels? Flip through options in our wheel builder then reach out to our staff to help you dial in the best hubs, spokes, nipples and rims for your particular riding style. BikeCo’s expert sales staff and wheel builders have you covered.

ENVE M Series Dimensions

M Series – it’s revised, it’s cutting edge, it’s next level, it’s here at BikeCo. ENVE’s M Series rim strip has changed the carbon game for everyone.

The M730 features a 30mm internal which pairs well with just about any tire on the market and is designed around 2.3 to 2.5″ options.

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