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Fix A Broken Chain with a Power Link Video

Fix A Broken Chain with a Power Link – get pedaling quickly with this tip. How-To & video.

A broken chain on trail can be quite the pain – or not… A power link together with a small chain breaker allows you to quickly fix a broken chain. BikeCo has a variety of multi-tools with small chain breakers to get you home.

Watch the video to see how to use a Missing Link or Power Link to quickly reconnect your chain.

Be sure to use the right speed choice 10sp, 11sp, or 12sp for your setup (they are different widths).

Ensure that you don’t have a series of bulged, bent or failed links. Those will explode as soon as you have the missing link installed – it’s super annoying…

Any brand will get you off the trail – if you’re building a bike or replacing a drivetrain it is ideal to use the same brand missing link as chain. (although I used Power Links with Shimano chains for years without issues personally – update: HyperGlide + should use Shimano power link).

To Install a Powerlink

Locate the break in the chain.

Remove the pins in broken link as well as next link so that the end of the chain are both narrow links.

Insert powerlink through holes in narrow links. Compress powerlink so that the larger holes in slot allow the shaft to engage.

Carefully rotate the chain until the powerlink is located between the cassette and chain ring. Apply torque to crank to lock powerlink in.


*** if you have to shorten the chain it will affect your available gears, don’t blow a derailleur up trying to shift into gears with too short of a chain…

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