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Four Best MTB Dropper Posts

Top Four MTB Dropper Posts

Which are the best MTB dropper posts? The features, reliability, and frankly a bit of bling go into narrowing our list to the best MTB dropper posts on the market.

One thing about the MTB industry – it rarely stands still. MTB Dropper posts have gotten more functional, longer travel with increased service life. The seatposts we’ll examine are class leaders available in a variety of sizes to dial in any rider.

Most riders start their search by determining the size range they’ll need.

What Size Dropper Post Will Fit?

Starting with your inseam measurement you can deduce what size dropper posts will fit your needs.

Subtract the frame collar to pedal surface as well as saddle rail to saddle seating surface from the inseam measurement.  This will get you in the neighborhood to size you dropper.

Remember to leave some wiggle room to go down. Spec’ing a post that is required to sit collar to collar on your bike means if you need it shorter you’re going to have to adjust it in the seatposts’ travel. (either with PNW or OneUp style adjustments or by slightly lowering the saddle each time (less than ideal))

Further down in the post you’ll find dimensions comparing the travel, collar to rails, overall length as well as min and max insertion of our four favorite brands of post.

What are our Top Four MTB Dropper Posts?

This list shows our four favorites, in no particular order. It’s up to you to review sizing and features to decide which of these posts best suits your needs.

FOX Transfer Factory Kashima Dropper Post

It’s not all about the Kashima coating – well – some of it is about how good the Kashima coat looks with your FOX Factory fork and rear shock I suppose for sure!

200mm, 175mm, and 150mm travel options give riders of all sizes options.

The new seat clamp is designed to sit lower allowing riders more travel per size. The revised FOX Transfer is also notably lighter than it’s predecessors. FOX has improved the Transfer’s internals providing longer service life with easier serviceability. Perhaps as notable as the seat clamp is the reduced insertion depth, again, allowing longer travel in smaller frames.

FOX Transfer Seatposts

FOX Factory Transfer Seatpost. New head for lower overall length.

PNW LOAM & Rainier Gen 3 Seatposts

Compare PNW Loam and Rainier Gen 3 Seatposts

PNW Loam & Rainier Gen 3 Posts

PNW’s MTB dropper posts lineup feature some unique design advantages.

First, like the OneUp, the adjustable travel allows riders to maximize dropper travel. Looking for maximum travel? Well with the tool-less adjustability it couldn’t be easier to run the most seatpost your frame will allow.

PNW posts are cost conscious as well. The Loam post features a revised cartridge designed for ease of maintenance while the Rainier Gen 3’s cartridge absolutely shines in cold, wet, conditions.

The PNW travel adjust system provides 5 settings, each reducing travel by 5mm (total of 25mm).

This produces the available popular travel lengths:


Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Seatpost

The Revive 2.0 MTB dropper seatpost features a unique “reset” capacity.

Utilizing an internal cartridge capable of purging air from the hydraulics with external controls you can eliminate any squish in your seatpost faster than your buddy can get his shoes on.

Simply engage the quarter turn access hardware near the seatpost head, compress the seatpost, and release the bleed hardware. It’s that easy.

The Revive 2.0 is available in long travel options making it popular with riders looking for maximum drop. 213mm and 185mm posts are available.

The Revive 2.0 has a max rider weight of 250lbs.

Bike Yoke Revive Seatposts

Bike Yoke Revive 2.0

OneUp Dropper V2

OneUp Dropper Seatpost V2

OneUp Dropper V2 Seatpost

The OneUp Dropper V2 seatpost is a cost conscious, long travel, adjustable travel option appropriate for a variety of riders.

The Dropper V2 can have it’s travel reduced either 10mm or 20mm below its stock height allowing riders some wiggle room on fine tuning their fit.

The V2 post also has a user replaceable cartridge available for $60 for the home mechanic.

Some of our favorite poits on the V2 dropper are its low overall length and stack meaning longer travel options will fit in smaller frames.

Popular travel sizes are 210mm, which can reduce to 200 or 190mm,  180mm (170,160mm) and 150mm (140,130mm)

Compare Dimensions on our 4 Favorite MTB Dropper Posts

Review Travel, Collar to Saddle Rails, Overall Height as well as Minimum and Maximum insertion of the FOX, PNW, Bike Yoke and OneUp dropper posts.

Seatpost Dimension Diagram
Measurements in MM
Travel Collar to Rails Total Length Max Insertion Min Insertion
FOX Transfer 200 238.9 530.7 291.8 150
FOX Transfer 175 213.2 475.1 261.9 100
FOX Transfer 150 188.2 418.3 230 100
PNW Loam 200* 250* 540 290 145
PNW Loam 170* 220* 480 260 120
PNW Loam 150* 200* 440 240 190
PNW Rainier Gen 3 200* 255* 555 300 180
PNW Rainier Gen 3 170* 225* 493 268 150
Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 213 255 582 327 130
Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 185 227 517 290 130
Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 160 202 467 265 100
OneUp Dropper V2 210* 243* 540 297 150
OneUp Dropper V2 180* 213* 480 267 120
OneUp Dropper V2 150* 183* 420 237 90
* PNW & OneUp posts have adjustable travel options
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