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Ibis Exie Frame Detail Photos

Ibis Exie Frame Details

Enjoy some photos of the new Ibis Exie frame detail. The Ibis Exie is a cross country bike, but like it’s Ibis siblings it’ll be at home in gnarlier terrain than you’d picture 100mm being confident in.

The Ibis Exie Frame is hand made in the U.S.A.  The attention to detail, like all Ibis mountain bikes, is second to none.

Check out some closeups of our favorite Ibis Exie Frame Details below.

Ibis Exie Frame Detail Photos

Ibis Exie Frame Detail Made in USA branding

Made in the USA. Right on your downtube.

Ibis Exie Frame Detail Upper Suspension Linkage

The upper DW Suspension linkage shaves out as much material as possible while retaining great lateral rigidity for on trail performance and confidence.

DW Link Logo on Ibis Exie Frame Chainstay

The Ibis Exie Frame features an included chainstay protector to minimize noise and damage from chain slap.

Ibis Exie Chain Guide

The unique chain guide for the Exie mounts directly onto the DW Suspension’s lower link.

Ibis Exie Frame Details

Looking into the lower triangle of the Exie. Ibis’ attention to detail includes a guard to minimize rock ingress.

Ibis Exie Frame Rear Triangle

Minimizing the amount of material on the through frame internal cable routing gives the Exie a clean look as well as saving a little bit of weight in carbon and resin.

Exie inboard brake mounts

Inboard rear brake mounts are the new standard for XC rigs. The Ibis’ has them.

Ibis Exie Top Tube Graphics

Bold branding on both top tube and down tube is perfect for the XC racer and trail rider.

Ibis Exie Headtube Badge

The iconic Ibis’ headtube badge looks perfect on the new Exie.

Ibis Exie Frame

This Ibis Exie was one of the original limited edition 40 released in July of 2021. Depending on how quickly you see this it might be yours!

Shop the Ibis Exie, Ripley, Mojo 4 and Ripmo from The Bike Company. Our attention to detail during spec, setup, tune and after sales service are unmatched.

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We look forward to dialing in your next bike with you.

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