Ibis Frames: Class leading. Race Proven. Balanced. Refined. This list could go on and on.

Ibis’ partnership with Dave Weagle  licensing DW Suspension and commitment to cutting edge geometry has consistently produced award winning bikes. The current offerings are no exception.

29″ carbon offerings are the 147mm rear travel Ripmo and 120mm rear travel Ripley. In 27.5″ Ibis offers the Mojo 4 at 130mm of rear travel.

You can check out some of our earliest availability on bikes on the Ibis Factory Complete Page.

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Most of the Ibis’ Aluminum Ripley AF and Ripmo AF have allocated to complete builds – however if you’re looking for just a Ripley AF or Ripmo AF frame we may be able to help. Contact our team and we will do our best to get you dialed in.

Ibis Frame Details

Ibis Ripmo

The Ibis Ripmo’s second evolution takes the bike to another level in both pedaling efficiency as well as downhill capacity.  The DW Suspension ratios were modified to allow riders to choose between air and coil shock options.

Most riders will gravitate to the FOX Float X2 air shock. With it’s high and low speed rebound as well as high and low speed compression the X2 can be tuned to be lively under power while keeping a confident personality in burlier terrain.

29″ Wheels
147mm Rear Travel
160mm or 170mm Fork Options
64.9 degree Head Tube Angle
7 Year Frame Warranty

Ibis Ripley

The current Ibis Ripley maintains the poppy, fun personality riders came to expect from the trail / light enduro 29er with a notable improvement: increased lateral stiffness.

By increasing the Ripley’s lateral stiffness Ibis built a trail bike capable of attacking light enduro terrain even for heavier riders, which may have felt the previous frame was just a bit light when heavier riders cornered hard.

The Ripley is capable of carrying up to 2.6″ tires providing the ability to “tire up” or “tire down” depending on your riding.

29″ Wheels
120mm Rear Travel
130mm or 140mm Fork Options
66.5 degree Head Tube Angle
7 Year Frame Warranty

Ibis Mojo

The “Modern Trailbike” is a pretty wide ranging term? Well, modern trailbikes do have to excel in more areas than ever. Does a trailbike mean all day adventure rides? After work rips with your friends? Being able to lean into your favorite chunky trail? Yes, of course.

The Mojo is designed to have a nimble and fast accelerating personality capable of hanging in bigger terrain than you might think a 130mm rear travel 27.5 would be confident in.  Pairing the forgiving nature of DW Suspension’s deep travel with the cutting edge geometry Ibis is known for the Mojo does just what the designers set out to build: it’s a fun bike to ride, in a wide range of terrain at a wide range of ground speeds. Sounds simple right? But it’s a hard goal to hit.

Riders looking for even more out of their Ibis Mojo should investigate a Mullet or 29″ front wheel option. The larger wheel radius increases the Mojo’s roll-over capacity allowing it to more easily cross burly terrain. A longer fore to aft contact patch on a 29 wheel provides increased braking and cornering traction as well. Chat with us about 29″ fork travel options on a Mullet Ibis Mojo!

27.5″ Wheels Stock, Mullet Capable
130mm Rear Travel
Stock with 140mm 27.5″ Fork
65.4 degree Head Tube Angle
7 Year Frame Warranty

Custom Ibis Ripmo Mountain Bike Star Destroyer Grey with Purple Accents

View build photos of this custom Ripmo. Then navigate to our custom complete builder to spec your dream rig.

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