Ibis HD4 Back in Black GX Build with Upgrades

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Ibis HD4 Back in Black GX Build with Upgrades

Ibis HD4 Back in Black, GX Build with Upgrades


Sometimes custom is simply dialing in the odds and ends. This HD4 illustrates some common contact point upgrades while paying attention to the “frame, suspension, wheels, rest” priority common in our world.

Fox Factory Kashima Suspension with Pro Tunes

One of the great aspects about working with Ibis is the amount of customization available on their kits. Most full custom builds are based around prioritizing budget in order of Frame, Suspension, Wheels, Brakes and The Rest. Ibis offers all of their builds with the top tier carbon fiber chassis. The frame is covered. Uniquely Ibis has the option to upgrade from the Fox Performance to Fox Factory suspension across all of their builds.  This allows riders to account for the second most important performance / personality factor on the bike immediately! Factory suspension is more than simply Kashima coating. Factory suspension offers improved compression controls as well.

Take your performance to the next level with BikeCo’s proprietary Pro Tune service. BikeCo’s suspension services personalize fork and rear shock performance based on your size, speed, riding style and chassis of choice. Reach out to our staff for more info on dialing in your Fox suspension for Ibis, Yeti, Alchemy, Pivot, Santa Cruz, Intense, Giant and YT chassis.

Improve Your Shifting Feel

A great upgrade to the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain is jumping to the X01 shifter. Smoother, crisper shifting is available with the X01 and XX1 Eagle models. This Ibis GX Eagle build updated to the X01 shifter taking advantage of the SRAM ZeroLoss, X-Actuation, and adjustable lever position.

ZeroLoss and X-Actuation on the X01 from SRAM’s site:

ZeroLoss simply means, well, zero loss—when you push on the lever, for an upshift or down shift, the cable is engaged instantly—zero loss of movement. There is no middle-ground where you’re waiting for the shift to come. Gear changes are instant and precise.

X-ACTUATION™ Developed specifically for SRAM 1x™, X-ACTUATION™ keeps shifting sharp and consistent across the entire cassette.

Since the launch of the GX kits our development race teams would run the GX derailleur (great performance and inexpensive to replace if needed) with the X01 shifter for feel and crispness. Quality upgrade.

Ease Your Dropper

The Wolf Tooth ReMote has been the most popular upgrade of the year. With great adjustability and improved feel it’s hard to argue against it. Whether you have a KS, Fox or  even hydraulic Rock Shox adjustable post Wolf Tooth has you covered. Riders with hand strength issues will appreciate the smooth bearing, excellent ergonomic location and high leverage ease of pull.

When you’re in the market for a new bike – whether a full custom, stock complete or frame kit BikeCo is here to ensure you get the most value for every dollar in your budget. Why settle when you can dial in the best in MTB working with the leaders here at BikeCo.com?


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