Ibis Ripley with FOX 36 GRIP2 & DPX2 rear shock

Ibis Ripley, FOX 36 GRIP2 & DPX2: Trail Thumper!

Every now and then you walk through the work bay and do a double take. This custom Ibis Ripley with FOX 36 GRIP2 & DPX2 rear shock is a build that will stop you.

This bike balances enduro capacity with trail personality. Enjoy some detail pics of this Ripley.

Ibis RIpley toptube with GRIP2 fork in background


Well, this gets to the heart of it pretty quick… The FOX GRIP2 damper offers external controls of High Speed Compression, Low Speed Compression, High Speed Rebound as well as Low Speed Rebound. For 2021 FOX has added equalization ports on the lowers. These ports allow riders to easily bleed air build up from the lowers. That air build up tends to make bikes ride quite harsh and the bleeders are a quick, elegant solution. (for those of you with prior year forks check out our How-To on burping seals) Pressure can build up from off gassing in the oil as well as air “gulped” past the seals when riding.


Double down tires on Ibis Ripley Custom build


More and more riders are gravitating to aggressive sidewalls, even on bikes that might not be viewed as “aggressive”. There are a handful of reasons that burly sidewalls are worth a look.

Cut protection is one. Another is lower PSI allowing the sidewall to provide additional support. Perhaps the least understood benefit of EX0+ and Double Down tires is the added damping.

With more rubber in the vertical plane these tires are able to provide additional compliance, essentially becoming a small spring that takes the edge off hits. Small bump compliance is notably improved.

Ibis Ripley, Chris King, WTB, RaceFace & More


Ibis Ripley top tube with Chris King headset and RaceFace cockpit


I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing Chris King components on bikes. This Ripley features silver Chris King headset, bottom bracket as well as hubs.

RaceFace Turbine-R stem and Next R bars are a favorite for a wide range of riders.


Ibis RIpley top tube with fork controls visible below.


I guess I can’t get enough of the 36 on this Ripley. For riders not looking for the added stiffness from the 36 for 2021 FOX is offering the GRIP2 damper on the 34 chassis as well.


Ibis Ripley Custom build in Blue Steel colorway


Handbuilt wheels are a great way to tune in performance. This build features Chris King hubs laced to WTB Asym i29 rims with DT Swiss spokes. Our expert team of wheel builders can help you define how to spec and tune a setup to compliment your riding style.

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