Ibis Ripmo Visualizers

Upgrade a variety of components on the Ibis Ripmo Factory Builds with our new visualizers.

New Ripmo Visualizer - image shows Ibis Ripmo blue rear frame, gray front to illustrate customization of visualizer.

Spec the perfect suspension, cockpit, brakes, wheels, seating and more. Our visualizer will walk you through the process with a variety of “Tell Me More” options. Learn why some riders prefer “x” while others swear by “y”.

This builders are based on factory kits, however BikeCo is happy to build you a complete custom as well. Reach out to our team via online chat, call 949-470-1099 or email Sales@BikeCo.com. Our team will help you spec the perfect build for your riding style, terrain as well as budget.

Below are links to our current Ripmo Builders:

Deore – starting at $4,399

SLX – starting at $5,199

GX – starting at $5,499

XT – starting at $5,899

XX1 AXS – starting at $10,999 (the AXS builder also offers excellent components at a savings from the stock MSRP!)

Ibis Factory Ripmo Builds Here


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