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Ibis Ripmo GX with Upgrades BikeCo

Ibis Ripmo GX Eagle Upgrades

How strong is your GX build? Well, Ibis Ripmo GX Eagle Upgrades are available and this build took advantage of them!

A common road map at build is Frame, Suspension, Wheels, Cockpit, and fill in the blanks based on budget. This prioritizes components that most effect a bike’s personality. It also minimizes pricey upgrades down the line.
Ibis Ripmo GX with Upgrades BikeCo


The new Ibis Ripmo 29 is an amazing starting point. 145mm of DW Suspension is efficient uphill and competent down. Ibis’ uses a top tier carbon frames across all of the factory builds. Updates to design and production methods have made the Ripmo lighter as well as stiffer than its predecessors. Like having your cake and eating it too.

Grip2 control detail


This client updated to the Fox Factory Kashima options front and rear. The Fox 36 Factory Grip 2 fork is the latest for 2019. This fork features external Hi and Lo speed compression controls, similar to the previous RC2, but has Hi and Lo Rebound in addition.

By updating to the Factory X2 the rider gains a more gravity oriented platform. The X2 is designed as the most aggressive air shock option on the market. Like the Grip 2 it features Hi and Lo rebound and compression controls.

Compared to the Fox Performance offerings the Factory components provide a wider tune range. Questions? Chat with our staff about your riding specifics to dial in the best suspension.
ibis carbon rim detail with valve stem


A ton of bike personality comes down to the wheel spec. The Ibis 942 carbon rim provides incredible tracking, great strength in addition to pairing with a wide variety of tires. 35mm internal rim width adds volume, increasing traction and confidence. The 942 pairs well with 2.3 to 2.6″ tire widths. Ibis offers the 942 alone, with Ibis branded or Industry 9 hubs. Whether you’re looking baller on a budge with the Ibis hubs or want to go full custom building on Chris King BikeCo has you covered.
WTB saddle close up with blurry Ibis Ripmo in background

Cockpit, Brakes, the Rest

Personalizing the Ripmo a bit more are Enve bars and XT brakes. Ibis upped the game this season on the GX build offering the WTB Silverado saddle and Lizard Skin Charger Evo grips. That is to say nothing of the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain! Undeniably the best selling base drivetrain on the market today.

In the market? Whether you’re looking at a simple frame swap, a factory kit, factory kit with upgrades or a full custom spec banger has you covered. Our expert staff will help you define your needs and maximize your budget. BikeCo offers the best spec, setup, tune and pricing in MTB. Contact us for deals and incentives on the best bikes on the market. Don’t settle for an “almost” frame that seems like a deal. Jump on one of the best handling bikes in the industry at a real deal.

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