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Ibis US Enduro Team Announcement

Ibis US Enduro Team – Supported by is extremely excited to be an official supporter of the Ibis US Enduro Team.

The Ibis US Enduro team features talented riders Evan Geankoplis, Essence Barton, Paul Serra and Lili Heim. Brian Lopes will captain the Ibis US team as it contests CES events through the summer.

2018 CES Events include:

Round 1:
May 26 – Toro Enduro

Round 2:
June 16 – Mammoth Bar Enduro

Round 3:
June 30 – China Peak Enduro

Round 4:
July 28-29 – Crafts and Cranks Enduro

Round 5:
August 25-26 – Northstar Enduro

Round 6:
Sept. 23 – Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro

Round 7:
Oct. 6 – Ashland Mountain Challenge

BikeCo’s Joe Binatena will be onsite at several events helping dial in bikes as well as working with Brian. Brian and Joe will help these young racers develop the race craft that is the difference in tighter and tighter enduro race results.

Much more to come from BikeCo and this group over the next few months!

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