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BikeCo Tips and Tricks Rear Shock Volume Spacer Install

Install MTB Shock Volume Spacers

Want to increase or decrease the ramp rate on your MTB shock? You can easily modify the ramp rate with volume spacers.

Disclaimer – If you doubt your mechanical ability utilize a professional resource. Suspension is critical to performance and your safety.

This video assumes your shock is in good working condition. If you suspect any issues such as “suck down”, or an over pressurized negative air chamber, it is important you use a qualified resource.


How To Install Volume Spacers

Air down the shock.
You can remove the valve core if you wish to open the system during the service.

Loosen the air can body from the shock.

Carefully lower the O-Ring and Volume Spacer Retainer.

Remove installed volume spacer if applicable.

Install new volume spacer.
Larger volume spacers will increase ramp rate. Smaller volume spacers will decrease ramp rate (more linear feel).

Carefully return the O-Ring and Volume Spacer Retainer.

Gently re-thread the air can body to the shock. Do not cross thread this system.

Tighten the air can.

Re-pressurize the shock, check sag and evaluate ramp rate. Ensure proper performance and go ride!

If any of these steps intimidate or confuse you please contact a professional.

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