Interactive Geometry Comparison – Trail / Enduro 27.5s

Compare geometry of the class leading 27.5″ trail and enduro bikes. This interactive comparison illustrates key differences between Ibis, Yeti, as well as Alchemy bikes. Visually review bottom bracket, chainstay length, wheelbase, reach as well as stack geometry. This allows you to compare how your contact points will vary bike to bike.

This builder compares the geometry of the: Ibis HD4, Ibis Mojo 3, Yeti SB5, Yeti SB6, as well as Alchemy Arktos 27.5. All frame geo comparison is available for sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Start by picking a background image. Select a model and size (if you plan to compare the same frame in different sizes), a sizing scale or none if you prefer.

Use the checkboxes to display additional models for review. Click “None” from radio buttons to remove a frame from the comparison graphic.

Are you comparing your current setup? Here’s how to find the dimensions place it on our scale. Begin with the bottom bracket height. Then find the chainstay length as well as the wheelbase. Subtract the chainstay length from the wheelbase, which will give you the front wheel location (or front center). Calculate Stack, the total height by adding the reach and the bottom bracket height to place it on the scale. Reach is simply placed on the scale.

To compare 29″ Trail and Enduro Geometry Click Here

or Compare 27.5″ and 29″ Geo Here

(due to formatting constraints please scroll down for comparison images on mobile devices)

27.5″ Interactive Geometry Comparison

Bottom bracket height, chainstay, reach, stack, headtube angle, fork offset as well as wheelbase have been illustrated per manufacturer websites. Seatpost and headtube heights are relatively accurate for vertical dimension. Exact frame shape, etc produced with artistic license.

Images are centered horizontally by the bottom bracket. Axle heights are static representing the same wheel / tire sizing. Bottom bracket heights from ground per manufacturer dimension. Chainstay length is measured from the bottom bracket center. Wheelbase is illustrated from rear axle forward.

If you have any questions on sizing or frame comparison contact our expert sales staff today!

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