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At BikeCo we’ve provided riders the best spec, setup, tune and pricing in MTB for years. We also like to provide unique content for web viewers. Check out some of our favorite interactive pages! A variety of custom builders, visualizers as well as geo comparisons are popular cornerstones of BikeCo.


New ripmo visulaizer. Image shows ripmo rear in blue front gray with different wheels.

Check out the new Ibis Ripmo Builders – See your perfect build come together with these visualizers.


Interactive Geometry Comparison

29inch Interactive Geo Trail Enduro Bikes illustration

Compare both 29 & 27.5″ Trail / Enduro Bikes

29″ Only: Ibis Ripley, Ibis Ripmo, Yeti SB115, Yeti SB130, Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride, Yeti SB150 as well as the Alchemy Arktos 29

27.5″ Only: Ibis HD5, Ibis Mojo 4, Yeti SB140, Yeti SB165 and the Alchemy Arktos 27.5

Custom Bike Builders

thumb Ibis Ripley 4 Custom Complete Builder image. blue steel frame with translucent components

Spec the perfect bike from tip to tail with

Custom Hope Brake Color Visualizer

Hope Brake Color Customizer Background image for visualizer

Find the perfect color combo for your Hope Brakes. Shown with the Hope Tech3 E4 – available for all Hope Brakes.

Magura Brake Customizer

Dial in the perfect Magura MT7 or MT5 brake setup.


Magura MT7 Customizer

Magura MT7 Brake Customizer


Magura MT5 Customizer 1

Magura MT5 Brake Customizer


Alchemy Arktos Custom Color Visualizer

Arktos Color Visualizer illustration. create your custom color Alchemy mtb frame. shows gray and bright green.


US made Alchemy frames colors can be custom spec’d! Start designing yours now.

New to the sport? Welcome! We’re working on a new interactive page designed to help riders understand bike wheel size and travel and how your physical build as well as personality are complimented by different bikes. Only 29er’s are live at the moment. Take a look and give us your opinion.

Interactive New Rider Bike Buying Guide

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