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BMC SpeedFox TrailFox AMP E Bikes

Introducing BMC AMP eMTB

We’re excited to introduce the BMC AMP eBike lineup to our clients. After an exhaustive market search we’ve decided to partner with BMC AMP for a variety of reasons.

As always Performance is key here at The BMC Amp lineup features modern, intuitive, FUN geometry and suspension designs.

Reliability. If you are shopping ebikes you’re aware that not all motors and batteries are equal. It’s true. The BMC AMP series features the class leading Shimano STEPS motor. These motors provide an excellent balance of power, battery life and importantly an intuitive feel as the motor helps you pedal across even the most challenging terrain.

Let’s take a quick glance at some of the options from BMC.

BMC TrailFox AMP One 27.5″

BMC TrailFox AMP One E-Bike

BMC TrailFox AMP One 150mm 27.5″

The TrailFox AMP One 27.5″ bike features 150mm rear travel as well as a 150mm fork. This provides a nicely balanced bike ready for trails and into the burlier enduro terrain.  MSRP is $6,499 and the TrailFox Amp One features a carbon front triangle with an aluminum rear. The TrailFox Amp One also includes the Shimano STEPS E-8000 motor. The absolute class leader with 250W 70NM output.

BikeCo has the TrailFox Amp One available to demo in size Medium as well as Large. Contact our sales team for details to setup your demo ride.

If you want to take your adventure a little bigger check out the 170mm fork option!

BMC TrailFox AMP SX Two 27.5″

BMC TrailFox AMP SX E-Bike

BMC TrailFox AMP SX Two

The TrailFox Amp SX features a 170mm fork to give the bike even a little bit more “thump” for your heavier terrain rips. The SX Two is an aluminum bike with the Shimano STEPS E-7000 motor. The E-7000 is a 250w 60NM output motor. If you want the bigger suspension, and carbon triangle, and Shimano E-8000 motor chat with us about updating a TrailFox Amp One to an SX for you! (not all of the AMP lineup is available in the US but BikeCo’s expert staff can help you spec the right bike for your riding and budget)

BMC SpeedFox AMP Two 29″

BMC SpeedFox AMP E-Bike

BMC SpeedFox AMP Two

The bigger wheel option is represented with the SpeedFox AMP offerings. The AMP Two is a carbon fiber frame featuring the Shimano STEPS E-8000 motor. The SpeedFox AMP Two is also highlighted with a Shimano XT drivetrain.  DT Swiss H1900 wheels provide lively personality under acceleration and are strong enough to challenge your favorite terrain.

The SpeedFox AMP Two MSRP’s at $7,899.

Like the TrailFox Amp One BikeCo has the SpeedFox AMP Two available for demo. SpeedFox Amp Two demos are available in Small, Medium and Large.

BMC SpeedFox AMP Three 29″

BMC SpeedFox AMP Three E-Bike

BMC SpeedFox AMP Three

The SpeedFox Amp Three features the Shimano STEPS E-8000 motor as well as a carbon front and aluminum rear triangle. MSRP is $5,999.

Setup, Tune and Support

Getting the most out of your eMTB requires a good base setup and a resource to help you fine tune your settings to dial in performance. BikeCo’s expert team is here to help you understand the differences setting up an e-bike compared to a standard pedal MTB. We will help you get the right tires, cockpit components, tire pressures as well as suspension settings to ensure your enjoy your new BMC AMP bike.

We invite you to do some research and develop questions. Our team will help you define which bike and options are best for your riding and budget.


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