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Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Custom Build

Lunch Ride Cocktail: Root Beer & Bourbon. Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride

Enjoy some photos of this custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride build. This bike features an awesome combination of limited edition color offerings so the client will remember 2020 forever! (hahaha…)

The Yeti SB130 is available in a standard or Lunch Ride configuration. The Lunch Ride SB130 features a longer travel rear shock as well as a 160mm fork instead of the 150mm stock offering.

This bike takes the Lunch Ride to the next level featuring a Fox X2 rear damper. The stock DPX2 is a phenominal shock for the Lunch Ride, but with the X2 riders will find a bit more linear shock due to air volume. The X2 also offers both High and Low speed adjustments to the Compression as well as Rebound.

Chris King Matte Bourbon Hubs mounted to Root Beer Fox fork

Chris King Hubs on NOX Farlow Rims

Handbuilt wheels are custom spec’d and tuned for riders. These limited edition Chris King Matte Bourbon hubs bring a unique color option to the build.

The FOX Root Beer fork is also a limited colorway for this year.

The EXO+ front tire offers improved sidewall protection as well as some extra damping characteristics thanks to the rubber helping absorb some small bumps.

Magura MT7 brakes with Enve bar and Enve Stem

Magura MT7 Brakes

One of my favorite aspects of the Magura brake lineup is the variety of lever options. This rider has spec’d the longer “2 finger” (still utilized with 1 finger BTW) option. Using the longer lever allows even more modulation to control the power application of your brakes.

The ENVE bar and stem combo provide a great cockpit popular with aggressive riders. It is important with a carbon fiber stem to ensure appropriate torque.

The SRAM AXS shift pod’s lack of a cable offers instant performance and a cleaner cockpit look.

SRAM XX1 Copper Cassette & Chain

10-52t XX1 Copper Cassette

This Yeti SB130 features SRAM AXS X01 rear derailleur and cranks. The X01 offering is a bit more robust than the XX1 and a popular choice for more aggressive riders. This season’s Copper cassette and chain are a gorgeous color and would compliment a variety of builds.

SRAM AXS derailleurs are ready for the 10-52t SRAM cassettes. If you’d like to run a 52t cassette rear derailleurs are available, however, previous SRAM Eagle derailleurs max at 50t.

The wireless SRAM AXS drivetrain has been a very popular offering for a wide range of riding. Battery life has been exceptional, performance is near instant and they are robust enough I haven’t seen any come back for repair. (Although I have seen a few with battle scars for sure!)

Custom SB130 build with Chris King, Nox Composites, Enve, Magura and Fox components.

Custom Builds by BikeCo

Since 1999 BikeCo has been building the best in MTB. Whether you’re looking at a no holds barred banger like this custom SB130, a stock factory build, or something in between we have you covered.

Our team is available to help clients define which components will provide the riding personality they’re looking for while maximizing any budget.

This build capitalizes on the US made Chris King components for hubs and headset. King components have near infinite life spans with proper service.

NOX Composite rims provide a great balance of stiffness. Stiff enough for good torque transfer without being teeth rattlers. NOX Farlow rims are the most popular while riders looking for additional width shop the Kitsuma offerings.

Adding to the SB150’s trail prowess this bike is setup as a Lunch Ride. The Yeti Lunch Ride offers a bit more travel front and rear. This gives the bike’s geometry a bit slacker headtube as well as slightly taller bottom bracket.

The Float X2 rear shock offers both High and Low speed compression as well as rebound. The stock offering on the Yeti Turq frames feature the Fox Factory DPX2. The Factory DPX2 offers a three position level (open, mid, firm), low speed compression as well as rebound controls. On the Yeti “Carbon” or C series builds a Fox Performance DPX2 shock is spec’d. The Performance DPX2 doesn’t offer the compression tuning of the Factory shock.

All of the shocks listed above have air volume accommodations. The SB130 can benefit from a bit larger volume spacer to give the bike a little more support.

We hope you enjoyed these pictures of this Yeti SB130 in Root Beer & Bourbon.
Thirsty? Here are some root beer / bourbon cocktails to quench your thirst and motivate your MTB shopping…

In the market? Chat with our team today. We offer the best spec, setup, tune and after sales service in MTB.

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