Magura MT7 Brake Customizer

Magura brakes are a favorite here at Balancing great power with excellent modulation Magura’s MT 4-piston brakes are the perfect Enduro MTB setup. Whether you’re looking at the MT7 (shown here) or MT5 (click here to customize a MT5 setup) series BikeCo offers customization to dial in performance as well as look.

Questions on brake levers? Scroll down to learn more about how the different Magura levers modify the feel.

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Magura MT7 Brake Customizer


Magura Brake Lever Comparison

Magura Brake Lever Comparison illustrating differences in leverage ratio and pull based on lever length

Brake Lever Leverage, Throw, Distance…

from Cockpit Setup Blog

Let’s take a look at longer versus shorter levers. (One isn’t right and one isn’t wrong – but they have different characteristics for different riders.)

The red and gold levers represent a “2-finger” brake lever. We’ve established that you’re going to ride with 1 finger at the end of the lever so “long lever” might be a better name than “2-finger” but it’s all semantics.

The longer lever maximizes a pair of performance attributes, maximizing leverage while increasing the total throw distance.

The additional leverage doesn’t put anymore power to the brake system. (hydraulic brakes have a maximum system power that’s hit at full close – unlike old cable brakes on your BMX.) However the additional leverage does reduce total fatigue during the day. Personally I have pretty bad hands and anything I can do to make their life a bit easier is an easy choice…

The increased throw (distance from max out position to max in position or greater angle slice out of the circle) gives riders a bit more control of modulation.

A potential downside to the additional throw is it requires the lever to travel closer to your grip. That’s one of the distinct advantages to the shorter lever option, particularly for riders with smaller hands.

The shorter lever (in transparent purple) is positioned as far away from the grip as the longer lever. With the piston remaining in the same bite point in both sets of levers we know that they share the same angular full out to full in dimension. However, with the shorter levers you will note the shorter total throw distance which keeps the lever further from the grip (or your middle finger).

(In this illustration we use a singular bite point but there are levers which can adjust lever reach and bite point as an FYI.)

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