Mondraker Demo Week at!

We are excited to host the Mondraker Demo Fleet here at The Bike Company Tuesday May 31 through Monday June 6!

The team from Mondraker’s USA distributor at ZeitBike will be bringing their demo fleet which consists of some of the most sought after Mondraker MTB and eMTB demos,

As always, contact our team to schedule your demo ride. Bring your pedals, helmet and any riding gear you need.

With product availability at such a premium the demo fleet doesn’t have full size runs – however given Mondraker’s geo the available Medium & Large bikes will allow a wide range or riders to get a fit concept and learn abut how the Zero Suspension behaves on trail.

Mondraker Typical Sizing (from Mondraker’s site):

Sizes : Rider Size CM ( Feet / Inches)
Small: ~ 163 – 170 cm ( 5′ 4″ – 5′ 7″ )
Medium: ~ 167 – 178 cm ( 5′ 6″ – 5′ 10″ )
Large: ~ 175 – 188 cm ( 5′ 9″ – 6′ 2″ )
X-Large: ~ 185 – 198 cm (6′ 1″ – 6′ 6″ )


Determining the right size Mondraker starts with your height. But it doesn’t end there.

For riders near the size transitions your inseam length, arm length and shoulder width are factored into the sizing for the best performance. A shorter inseam and arm length may benefit from a slight downsize while riders with longer than average inseam or arm length often find the “bigger” bike is correct. The goal is to get you on a bike able to run a contemporary stem length which allows you to easily weight both the front and rear wheel in a variety of terrain conditions.

Furthermore, depending on the terrain you enjoy, your experience and ground speeds you might go up or down a size. Our team is here to help you define what size Mondraker is right for you and your riding. Email, call 949-470-1099, or use the on-site chat to contact one of our sales experts now!

Mondraker Demo Schedule: Tuesday 5/31 to Monday 6/6

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