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Mondraker SuperFoxy R Carbon 2021 Details

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Complete

We’re excited to introduce the Mondraker brand to our clients. Enjoy some detail shots of the 2021 Mondraker SuperFoxy R Carbon 29er. This is a 160mm travel frame with a 170mm fork setup. Keep reading for more details and photos.

Mondraker SuperFoxy R

Mondraker was ahead of the curve with the longer top tube / reach measurements and steeper seat tube angles. What was named “Forward Geometry” has become the new expected standard as bikes are capable of bigger speeds in gnarlier terrain.

The SuperFoxy R has a variety of unique aspects both visually and performance oriented that put it on the short list for Enduro riders shopping new bikes.

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Front Triangle

One of the first things to jump out at you visually on the Mondraker lineup is the top tube design. The “short” vertically while normal width tube saves considerable weight while providing plenty of strength and lateral rigidity to the bike.

This thin top tube also creates the visual illusion that the bikes are really, really long – but when you check the numbers they’re absolutely in line with the modern expectations.

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Forward Geometry

Another look at the top tube. As mentioned Mondraker was ahead, or Forward on the geometry changes – but as the rest of the leading manufacturers saw the benefits the Mondraker’s aren’t ridden any different positionally than other modern bikes per class.

Another thing to look at – the web images of the Mondraker SuperFoxy R don’t do it ANY justice. In the natural light the metal flake blue and the yellow accents are both stunning!

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Axle Flip Chip

Mondraker Chainstay Flip Chip

Riders can adjust the axle flip chip to modify the chainstay length. This helps fine tune the balance point for varying steepness in terrain. It also modifies the wheelbase and chainstay versus front center balance by 10mm depending on setting.

Mondraker SuperFoxy R rear brake mount

Another look at the chainstay flip chip. You’ll also notice the unique brake mount on the lower stay. Using the lower stay as the brake mount allowed designers to minimize the seat stays saving weight without sacrificing performance. The SuperBoost rear hub also provides additional stiffness allowing a lighter rear triangle on the Mondraker.

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Suspension Design

Here’s a look at the non-drive side of the SuperFoxy R. Suspension linkage points are visible as well as the Ohlins’ shock on the Mondraker Zero design.

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Lower Pivot

Drive side of the SuperFoxy R with cranks, chain slap protector and lower linkage areas.

Ohlins MTB Shock

Ohlins HSC (Compression) adjuster switch.

Ohlins Shock Adjustment

Ohlins LSC (Compression) and rebound adjustment.

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Carbon Monoblock

The carbon monoblock upper pivot on the SuperFoxy R illustrates a couple of key design concepts.

First notice the double shear rear triangle mounts – this again allows a lighter rear triangle to stand up to the modern trail riding. The robust connection between left and right linkage helps minimize deflection.

By minimizing deflection your bearings are less likely to be thrust loaded which will notably increase service life – and quiet performance.

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Headtube

I love the way the top tube and top tube gusset blend into the Mondraker Headtube.

This is a bike that really comes alive in the natural light…

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Profile

The 2021 Mondraker SuperFoxy R is an enduro proven, long travel 29er with enough nimbleness to be fun on everything from your medium chunky local trails all the way to big race course or lift assist riding.

The most popular upgrades on this build are Magura Brakes (usually MT5 or MT7s), a GRIP2 damper for the fork (adds high and low speed compression as well as high and low speed rebound controls) as well as a rider’s favorite (if you have one) cockpit and saddle.

Currently we have the SuperFoxy R available in Size Large ready to ship! Check it out below

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