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Most Popular Upgrades

Most Popular MTB Build Upgrades this season? Funny you should ask…

You’ve shopped around. Read the reviews. Talked to buddies. But what are the Most Popular MTB Build Upgrades?

First was the Fox X2 damper. The X2 features external adjustments for hi/lo speed rebound and compression. The X2 also provides riders ramp rate control through volume spacers to further dial in performance. From trail to enduro riding the X2 has allowed more riders more options on more bikes than ever before.

The second most popular upgrade to builds were Magura brakes. Magura provides unmatched balance of power and modulation. Adding Magura’s selection of brake levers for even more fine tuned performance for riders from XC Race to the most extreme Enduro or DH riding.

Another favorite upgrade was the Wolf Tooth remote. This remote is available for a wide range of adjustable seatposts. The unique Wolf Tooth design adds ergonomic comfort and adjustability to your cockpit setup.

Ensuing that your new bike is setup right with room to grow is one of the cornerstones of BikeCo’s philosophy. With so many imitators it can be tough to find the innovators. Frankly, at times it can be tough when a company that was an innovator misses the mark – like an Enduro bike that can’t carry an X2. Chatting with clients even those who don’t initially spec an X2 say it is important they can go that way down the line.

Work with the experts here at to ensure you get the best spec, tune, setup and pricing. We offer complete custom builds as well as upgraded factory kits from all the leading manufacturers. Chat with our expert sales team about dialing in the best bike for any budget.

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