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MTB Preride Check Video

Check out this video of a basic MTB Preride Check. Going through these details before each ride improves service intervals as well as performance.

How-To & video.

In less than a minute you can prep your bike for a fun day.

Clean and lube your chain. Ensure that you knock off build up on the chain as well as the derailleur pulley wheels. One of the fist places to investigate poor shifting quality is the derailleur pulley wheels. Build up interferes with chain tension as well as gear selection. Dry chains are the cause of excessive noise in addition to premature component wear. Ideal chain lube varies based on weather conditions and length of ride. Make sure you balance these factors to ensure proper lube without being sloppy.

Wipe down moving stanchions prior to ride. This includes your fork stanchions, rear shock as well as dropper seat post. The less grit and grime that drives into the component seals the better everything will work for you.

Check air pressures in your tires. The quickest way to a poor performing bike is inappropriate air pressure. Since tires often bleed a bit it is important to check the pressure prior to each ride.

Go ride!

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