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MTB Tire Removal BikeCo Tips and Tricks

MTB Tire Removal – BikeCo Tips & Tricks

Enjoy a quick video and write up illustrating MTB Tire Removal in this post of BikeCo Tips & Tricks. Modern sidewalls can make MTB Tire Removal a bit more of a challenge, but with a couple quick tidbits you will make your life notably easier.

Being confident working with your tires is important for both on trail as well as shop repairs. Knowing how to quickly change tires lets you dial in for the weekend trip or race event that needs a bit more or less rubber under your bike.

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MTB Tire Removal – BikeCo Tips & Tricks

To make this process easy it helps to think of it as two steps.

First you need to break the bead. This means dislodging the tire bead from the rim lip (don’t actually try to break things…).

Depending on the tire / rim combo this can be quite easy or a bit harder.

The majority of times you can break the bead with your thumbs. I personally have bad hands and will only be able to break the easiest tires this way…

Some tips to help you break the bead:

Leave the tire in the sun and allow it to heat up a bit. Rubber changes malleability quite quickly with heat. This trick works well installing as well as removing tires.

Another way to do it is using a long tire lever to dislodge the bead. This is easiest when pushing down on a flat surface (like the bench in the video or a trash can like you might see with a CushCore install).

The Pedro’s Tire Lever I use is a hand saver for sure. It’s also got a larger spoon surface, which helps negate damaging the tape when used properly.

Some tips on tire levers:

I suggest using the tire lever to “scoop” like a spoon. This helps keep the tape in better condition longer compared to inverting a tire lever and “digging” in to pivot.

Once you’ve got the bead separated from the rim lip move it, in it’s entirety into the rim trough. Your rim has a trough channel with a smaller diameter than the rim’s mounting surface. This will allow you to manipulate the tire “up and over” the lip of the rim to remove it.

If possible (most modern rim troughs are wide enough to allow this) break both beads into the trough before moving on.

Moving On

Both beads are in the low point of the rim and you’re ready to remove the tire.

Here’s another trick, a lot of modern MTB rims are asymmetrical. Ready for another great tip (I didn’t make these up but aquired them from our guys over the years..) remove and install tires over the short side. The first time Tracy pointed out if I always did it that way I’d be happier, well, I have been happier.

At this point you can either fold the bead over by hand to remove the tire or use a lever and spoon out the bead. Both are SO MUCH easier with the entire tire in the trough though. Don’t get lazy or its a lot more work in the end. Make sure the bead is in the trough when you try to start removing it or finish installing it. Otherwise you risk over stressing the bead creating issues.

Make your life easy…

Pedros DH Tire Lever with Handle Grip 6400025

One of the most used tools in my kit is the Pedros Downhill Tire Lever. 

Designed to provide excellent leverage and ergonomic grip this is the lever for changing out modern reinforced sidewall tires.

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