New Ibis Ripmo, 145mm travel, 29″ Enduro Slayer

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Ibis Ripmo Frame Detail Picture 1 72dpi

New Ibis Ripmo, 145mm travel, 29″ Enduro Slayer

Ibis Ripmo

Check out BikeCo’s Ibis Ripmo image gallery including frame detail pictures, Pro Rider Brian Lopes’ first Ripmo build (it’s soooo mean), and some riding shots of BikeCo’s team at the Ripmo dealer launch!

Ibis’ launch of the 145mm DW suspension Ripmo 29er chassis has put the industry on notice. Balancing pedal-ability, explosiveness and terrain smashing capacity the team at Ibis came to production with an absolute banger.

MTB geometry has come leaps and bounds in the past few season.

Ripmo continues the evolution with a steeper seat tube angle for better pedaling personality while moving the headtube forward to ensure the same top tube range (albeit a longer reach measurement).

Most interesting / cutting edge / makes a hell of a lot of sense: running a 44mm offset fork to manipulate the balance of performance between headtube angle and wheelbase. Ibis’ testing found the 65.9 degree headtube angle to performed like a slacker headtube, without the additional wheelbase penalty.

BikeCo sent Chris Fuller and Ryan Taylor to Ibis to preride the new Ripmo.

Ibis Ripmo Complete Ryan Taylor Chris Fuller BikeCo 2

“The bike was incredibly balanced front to rear.

Super planted front end on the climbs and the rear end tracks so well by soaking up obstacles while driving forward. The balanced feel had me super confident when aiming it down hill too.

It ate up the biggest feature we hit that day too easily, but the bike doesn’t feel like a burly bruiser DH rig. It’s light and nimble all around.

The old school thought of the 29″ wagon wheel effect doesn’t exist on this bike. Very poppy, playful, and dialed.

Certainly the homework that the Ibis engineers paid off. The new lower link they designed is noticeably stiffer and smoother than even my HD4.” Chris Fuller

Ibis Ripmo Complete Ryan Taylor Chris Fuller BikeCo

“Ripmo was easy to ride and many times I forgot it was a long travel 29’r. Having come off the Hightower, this  feels significantly quicker/lively in the climbing department. The 145/160 travel is really well balanced. They had my bike setup with a flat bar which sucked, but we still hit some steps and the bike is really intuitive to ride. Getting back on this bike confirmed that I love the speed and handling of a 29’r. The bike monster trucks things without feeling like a monster truck. It’s a special bike that can handle a broad range of conditions. For what it’s worth, the bikes were spec’d with the carbon 35mm ID rims, big tires and still rolled really well.

Outside of the ride, the bike has many well thought out details. Examples, seat tube angle, new lower bushing linkage, as well as internal cable routing.

It’s a very nice piece of equipment. Undeniably I’m stoked to build mine.

Haters may bitch about the head tube angle not being slack enough for a “long travel 29’r”. I’d challenge those people to reserve judgement until they point the bike downhill…. unquestionably it’s plenty capable!

You’ll love the bike Nate…for what it’s worth…the HD4 is a shredder as well. It’s insane how comfortable I got on that bike with only a few hours of ride time.

I think for me in particular DW suspension is something I’ve missed. It really is noticeable over the VPP, in all the right ways…” Ryan Taylor

Reach out to our expert staff for help with your complete or frame/fork  purchase. BikeCo will dial you in on the latest Ibis offering! Our sales team is available by email, phone as well as live chat online.

Frame Option: Ibis Ripmo Frame

Ibis Ripmo Frame Kit Custom Builder by BikeCo

Full Builds: Ibis Ripmo Factory Completes

Ibis Ripmo Geometry

Ibis Ripmo Geometry Chart

    Small Medium Large X-Large
Seattube A 14” 14.5” 16.5” 18.5”
Top Tube B 573 602 632 655
Head Tube Length (4mm of lower cup stack not included) C 90 100 110 120
Chain Stay D 435 435 435 435
Seat Tube Angle E 77 77 77 77
Head Tube Angle F 65.9 65.9 65.9 65.9
Wheelbase G 1177 1197 1228 1256
BB Height (2.5 Maxxis Minions)   341 341 341 341
Stack   613 624 629 642
Reach   431 446 471 493
Standover   705 750 750 760
Trail   118 118 118 118
Sizing Guide   5’0” – 5’5” 5’4” – 5’9” 5’9” – 6’2” 6’0” – 6’6”

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