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How To Open Chris King Bearings for Service

Pro Tips by BikeCo’s Joe Binatena.

How-To below video.

BikeCo’s Joe Binatena shows you how to open a Chris King bearing for cleaning as well as re-greasing as needed.

The unmatched quality of King Components means that with occasional service your King headset, hubs and bottom bracket can outlast several builds!

These techniques work for King Bearings in bottom brackets, headsets and hubs. If you frequently service King components there is a quick injection tool as well.

Open and Service King Bearings

First remove the clip ring.

Next remove the rubber lip seal. Be careful with the rubber lip seal. If cut your bearing is much more exposed to elements and damage. Not which is the “inside” and “outside” of the seal. Reinstall accordingly.

Assess the bearing condition. Inspect for chips, broken or missing balls. Review grease condition and notate based on service interval and usage.

Whether to clean old grease out or simply add new grease is dependent on existing grease’s condition.

Reassemble the bearing in reverse of removal.


Disclaimer: You Do You. This video uses known sharp objects in close proximity to fingers. Be aware of your dexterity and mechanical aptitude before attempting any of BikeCo’s Tips & Tricks.

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