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Pre-Ride Chain Cleaning & Lube – BikeCo Tips & Tricks

Chain Lube? Yup, it’s that important. Want to read more? Check out another blog post about why it’s important as well as my personal program…

MTB Pre-Ride Chain Cleaning & Lube

Clean the chain with a rag. Remove debris build up as this will accelerate wear and create noise. You can see I use a couple different hand holds to quickly get the various sides of the chain.

Clean the derailleur pulley wheels. As we’ve gone from 10 to 11 to 12 speed this has gotten more important. The first place to look for shifting inconsistencies is pulleys.

Clean the chain ring teeth of build up.

Pinch a rag between your hand to clear debris from between chain faces. This is easy to do on the chain ring to eliminate excess motion.

Apply an appropriate chain lube. This is based on your riding conditions and ride length. Check out the blog link above for more details.

Wipe off excess lube. Too much lube not only makes a mess but allows debris to cling to the chain adding to the wear.

Check shifting. Go rip!

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