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Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Cross Body Kneeling MAIN

Pre Ride Warm Up with Kevin Aiello

At we work with some of the fastest racers in MTB. We see what helps separate them from the competition. Take a minute and check out this video of pre ride warm up with Kevin Aiello.

What’s the advantage of this routine? I asked a familiar face here at and experienced trainer Gina Redican:

Taking 5 to 10 minutes before a ride to warm up and perform dynamic stretches can significantly improve performance on the trail.  Dynamic stretching sends signals to the brain letting it know that your muscles are ready to work.  The benefits include: raising your muscle temperature giving your muscles more power, pliability, range of motion making them more resilient to injury. 

After you watch the video check out photos and write ups to detail some of Kevin’s dynamic stretches.

Near the bottom of the page is a link to an image with these stretches detailed. Download the image to review before your next ride! (I did, which is why it exists!)

Pre Ride Warm Up with Kevin Aiello Pictures & Descriptions

Big thanks to Gina Redican owner of for providing insight on these stretches.

Like Kevin said, be sure to warm up prior to stretching. As a trainer I suggest the following warmup:

  • 20-30 seconds of each exercise
    • Jog in place
    • Jumping Jacks
    • High knees
    • Alternating forward lunges
    • Squats
    • Alternating External/Internal hip rotations (pretend you’re stepping up and over a rope at knee height and open your hip as wide as you can. Reverse the motion back to start)
    • Arm circles (forward and backward)
    • Trunk twists

 Dynamic Stretching: (Reminder: breathe through the stretches)

  • Perform 5 repetitions on each side

Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Hip Circles

  • Hamstring Stretch: Loosen up the back of the legs.
    • Keep core in tight for back support


Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Hamstring Pivot front

  • Inner Thigh Stretch: Opens the muscles in the extended leg
    • Helps to avoid groin pulls and cramping


Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Hamstring Pivot

  • Inner Thigh Stretch 2: Opens the muscles in the extended leg
    • Helps to avoid groin pulls and cramping


Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Hamstring

  • Quadricep Stretch: Releases tension in the front of the leg and knee
    • Reach back with the same hand
    • Hold stretch for 1 long exhale (about 2-3 seconds)


Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Cross Body Kneeling

  • Hip Flexor Stretch with Rotation: Opens the front of the hip and abdominals
    • Return to a neutral kneeling position each time.
    • Perform 5 reps on one side before switching


Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Cross Body Standing

  • I.T. Band Stretch: The ilio-tibial band is fascia that connects from top of hip (iliac crest) to the top of the tibia (lower leg bone).  When this becomes tight it can cause significant knee pain and many other issues.  Do not ignore your I.T. Band.
    • Hold each stretch for 1 long exhale


Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Seated Cross

  • Piriformis Stretches: These stretches open up the glutes and help stretch the lower back.  These can also relieve sciatic nerve pain.
    • Hold stretch for 2-3 seconds


Kevin Aiello Pre Ride Warm Up Knee Circles

  • Knee Circles: Alleviate stiffness in the knee joints
    • Perform 5 in each direction

Warming Up For Pleasure Riding

This writeup was a bit selfish – I wanted to improve my pre ride routine and I happen to have access to really incredible people like Kevin and Gina…


My personal experience with these stretches – THEY WORK. Loosening up my hips and butt dramatically help with my lower back. The knee circles? You will feel an improvement every time you ride your bike if you work this into your program.

For me, I am able to do these dynamic stretches after a simple warm up, say, unloading the bike, pumping up the tires, bouncing on the suspension a bit. Just enough to get the blood going. Since Gina provided such a complete warmup I should work to incorporate this in! Although, I’m almost 100% sure she just wants to laugh at the thought of me doing jumping jacks beside my truck…

I highly recommend a riding coach to those who are looking to improve their skills, performance, etc. If you want to race the little tips and tricks like lead to the improvements that prove to be the difference on the race course. If you’re a pleasure rider a good coach will help you past the development hurdles. It’s easier to learn good habits the first time rather than having to overcome bad habits…

Much more to come on coaching with professional coaches through

If you have more questions on stretching techniques this is a good write up from WebMD or better yet, why not consider working with a trainer? Even a handful of workouts will give you a good foundation.

Thanks again to BikeCo Pro Rider Kevin Aiello and Gina Redican for taking the time to provide insight for this write up.

Kevin Aiello Stretching Page

If you don’t already you can follow Kevin on instagram @KevinAiello7 (although more than 11k of you already do!) Kevin is launching a coaching program in 2019 that we will be excited to provide more details about as they are available!

Interested in Kevin Aiello MTB Coaching? Check out


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